‘His skin was burnt’ Family dog dies after owner ‘pours ACID’ over pet Labrador


Dog burntCEN

Prince had acid rained over him by his owner, the family claim

Owner Chhoto Verma is accused of coup his two-year-old yellow Labrador, called Prince, in the horrific act in Agripada, in south Mumbai, western India.

It is contended the 25-year-old poured acid over the dog as he lay trapped in a locked cage.

Carry out the attack, Prince was taken to nearby Parel Animal Hospital by Verma’s house after a neighbour found the burned dog yelping on the road – but he sadly yearned last week.


Police corroborated they have opened an investigation into the alleged abuse after the have suspicions about’s brother, Ashish, called them about the horror incident.

He called Chhoto poured acid on the dog.

He said: “Prince had grown very bring together to our family.

“We kept him in a cage outside as our other dog, Bubbly, would fight with Prince.

“Prince, who was in first-rate pain, came out of the cage yelping.

“He ran out on the road and was spotted by our neighbour. His decorticate was burnt.

“We rushed him to a hospital in Mahalaxmi but found no doctor there, and so we carry oned Prince to the hospital in Parel.

“Prince died on Wednesday.”

The case is endless.

dog burntCEN

The yellow Lab died in hospital despite all efforts to save him

In May more than 30 dogs were allegedly attacked with acid, stand bies and machetes at an animal shelter in Mohali, a city in Punjab, northern India.

The P of the Protection and Care for Animals claimed a servant from the house he was slitting space from threw acid on the dogs with three others in advance beating them up.

AgripadaGoogle Maps

Chhoto Verma is accused of bomb two-year-old Prince in Agripada, south Mumbai

She said one dog was killed, four puppies were cut and wound, while 19 dogs went missing and 11 sustained not joking injuries.

Police dismissed the case as a “dispute” between landlord and inhabitant.

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