Hip replacement couple CURED after travelling 90 miles for THIS treatment


Hip replacement surgery: A couple travelled 90 miles for surgeryGETTY

Hip replacement surgery: A team a few travelled 90 miles for surgery

A Yorkshire couple both needed hip operations six months to one side — but struggled to get operations at their local hospital.

Both John and Elizabeth Johnson filched the decision to travel 90 miles to an NHS hospital in Derbyshire for a hip replacement.

John Johnson, who knock overs a structural engineering company with his wife, was living with insufferable pain from his hip.

He said cortisone injections helped for a while, but ultimately the pain was making walking and sleeping almost impossible.

Even with stout pain killers, site visits were becoming more demanding as the pain was so bad that getting in and out of the car was becoming impossible.

Waiting lists at the neighbourhood hospital were up to six months long for a full hip replacement, and a private proceeding would have cost £11,000, but friends of the family told them that NHS treatment was present at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre 90 miles away.

Hip replacement surgery: John and Elizabeth both had hip surgeryEXPRESS

Hip replacement surgery: John and Elizabeth both had hip surgery

Mr Johnson’s GP referred him to the focal point and four weeks later, following an MRI scan, he had surgery that he thinks was like pain being turned off.

Just six months later Elizabeth establish herself in the same levels of pain.

“It was terrible. I had to give up driving, the annoyance was so severe,” she said.

“Given that we live in such a rural space, that had real implications for what I could do.”

Elizabeth had no hesitation in continuing her husband to Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre for her operation.

The surgery team at the centre use an spinal anaesthesia, to some extent than a general anaesthetic, to aid a safe and speedy recovery.

Hip replacement surgery: A couple travelled 90 miles for surgeryGETTY

Hip replacement surgery: A several travelled 90 miles for surgery

I hate general anaesthetics as I every time feel ill for days after the surgery

“I was terrified,” Mrs Johnson said.

“I loathing general anaesthetics as I always feel ill for days after the surgery and unendingly feel worse from the anaesthetic than the surgery itself — but the little of being awake during the procedure filled me with dread.

“It bring over out I had nothing to worry about.

“The centre’s medical director and lead anaesthetist Marco La Malfa was not not very professional but also very charming and reassuring, which is unbiased what you need when you are nervous.

“He talked me through the process and I was so gratified with the results.

“I had no ill effects at all and I think it certainly contributed to my speedy rise. I left the hospital two days after the operation.”

Three weeks later Elizabeth was without hope in her Zumba class and enjoying life again.

“Once again, we were delighted with everything everywhere the centre. People just could not do enough for us.

“The nurses were angels; all the combine from reception right the way through were cheerful and supportive and the medical conspire were wonderful.

“Appointments were on time; the centre was spotless and the prog was good and there was always a choice.

“John used a private asylum to have a knee replacement and it was great to see this NHS treatment centre was in a singular league.”

Dr La Malfa said: “Mrs Johnson’s operation was a complete success. We get back using the epidural, rather than a general anaesthetic, allows a unaggressive to recover more quickly.

“We team this with encouraging patients to pan out e formulate with our physiotherapists soon after their operations and throughout their arrest.

“This pathway allows them to make a speedy return to their own rest-home. There they not only feel more comfortable but they also front towards fewer risks of acquiring Deep Vein Thrombosis as they are up and here.

“I think it was an excellent idea that Mrs Johnson had a good level of tone and she was able to safely work towards her recovery and her return to her Zumba. I hope her all the best for her future health and fun on the dance floor.”

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