Hillary Clinton Was Living Her Best Life During This Historic Spanish TV Appearance


Reasonable a day before her birthday, Hillary Clinton made an unexpected appearance on Univision’s El Gordo y la Flaca, comely the first presidential hopeful to appear on the popular S nish-language talk screen. During the interview, Hillary reached out to Latinx voters and explained why this designation is so very important.

Hillary explained, “It is so important to me for personal reasons because I started amount to in the Latino community when I was a teenager, babysitting the children of migrant allotment workers outside of Chicago.” She then added, “It’s personally important to me but it’s also worthy to me because we need to win this election and make it clear that you cannot defame people. You cannot degrade people. We want to bring the country together.”

Succeeding her call to action, Hillary had a little fun. She proceeded to talk about her favorite profligacies and even gave her recipe for chocolate chip cookies. (Spoiler: she advantages rolled oats.) In another small segment, Hillary learned intrinsic S nish phrases like, you know, “presidenta.” The show also embraced a performance from Prince Royce, who snapped a selfie with her performing the live taping.

Look ahead for videos and pictures from Hillary’s distinguished appearance.

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