Hilarious moment ‘Jacob Rees-Mogg’ gatecrashes Remoaner’s anti-Brexit bus interview


The organiser of the ‘Is it Benefit it?’ movement Phil Richmond told BBC Daily Politics the anti-Brexit bus replicates the celebrated Vote Leave coach used during the referendum campaign.

The titan red bus, which was unveiled at on Wednesday outside the Houses of Parliament, sets out to theme whether Britain leaving the EU is the best decision while also mocking the shameful “£350million for the NHS” pledge.

But as Mr Richmond attempted to explain the campaign he was disrupted by three people dressed as Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg who could be divined dancing behind the interviewee.

A chuckling BBC host Jo Coburn interrupted Mr Richmond and predicted: “Right and behind you. Oh, we’ve got three Jacob Rees-Mogg’s standing behind you, which clout be slightly worrying from your perspective on your bus.

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Brexit scandal: Jacob Rees-Mogg said the Treasury report was “bogus”

We’ve got three Jacob Rees-Mogg’s still behind you, which might be slightly worrying

Jo Coburn

“They’re clearly not very keen on your bus. But we’ll leave them there in the background neutral to remind viewers of his position.”

The new campaign bus is meant to mock the successful Come out for Leave bus, which took Boris Johnson on his tour around Britain.

While the Suffrage Leave bus told people about the £350million a week total Britain paid to the EU at the time, the new bus claims that leaving costs £2billion a week.

The side of the bus presents “Brexit to cost £2,000million a week… says the control’s own report.”

On the back of the bus, it adds: “Is it worth it?”

The £2billion figure came from a broke Government report claiming that Britain’s economy would drop in growth by eight percent after Brexit.

Mr Rees-Mogg ripped into the “fake” Treasury figures and insisted Britain will “save billions by run.”

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