High blood pressure — YOU could be suffering this hidden disease caused by hypertension


There are usually no signs of chronic kidney disease in the early stages.

This is as a rule because the organs can cope to a certain extent, even when hurt.

Chronic kidney disease is a long-term condition which means the tools are not working as well as they should. It is a general term which carries the kidneys are damaged or are not functioning properly.

It is more common in older people, and clothes gradually worse.

Kidney Care UK said one in eight people in the UK transfer develop kidney disease.

High blood pressure: Kidney disease can be a complicationGETTY

High blood pressure: Kidney contagion can be a complication

High blood pressure affects one in four adults in the UK but often people are not informed they are suffering with the condition.

If blood pressure is too high it can put additional anxiety on blood vessels and persistent high blood pressure can increase the gamble of heart disease and heart failure.


High blood intimidation: Kidney disease can be triggered by the condition

There’s no cure for CKD, but treatment can balm relieve the symptoms

These damaged arteries are therefore not able to direct enough blood to the kidneys.

Damaged kidneys lose their capability faculty to filter blood and regulate fluids, hormones and salts in the body.

If kidneys are marred, they can also fail to regulate blood pressure.

This is because bracing kidneys produce a hormone called aldosterone which helps the hull regulate blood pressure.

Other causes of kidney disease embody diabetes — which can affect the filters in the kidneys.

High blood pressure: Kidney disease can be a complicationGETTY

High blood strain: Kidney disease can be a complication

High cholesterol can also contribute to stumbling-blocked arteries, affecting the blood supply to the organs.

Blockages in urine overflowing, caused by kidney stones or an enlarged prostate and regular use of certain medications can also be a bring on of kidney disease.

According to NHS Choices, symptoms of kidney disease comprehend tiredness, swollen ankles, feet or hands, feeling sick, shortness of whiff and blood in urine.

It also states: “There’s no cure for CKD, but treatment can succour relieve the symptoms and stop it getting worse.

“Your treatment settle upon depend on how severe your kidney disease is.”

Changing certain lifestyle causes, including stopping smoking and eating healthily are usually recommended for patients.

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