High blood pressure: Medication to ease symptoms could have THIS unwanted side effect


High blood presssure: Medication could cause side effectsGETTY

Considerable blood presssure: Medication could cause side effects

Now scientists be experiencing revealed some aggressive treatments for high blood pressure could as a matter of fact be damaging organs.

It is believed one in four adults in the UK suffer with euphoric blood pressure.

Researchers from the University of Virginia School of Panacea identified the potential problem while studying kidney lesions in mice that cannot bury the hatchet e construct the enzyme renin.

The lesions are also seen in patients with merry blood pressure.

The researchers determined the lesions are caused by renin apartments, which are sometimes targeted when treating high blood difficulties.

High blood pressure: One in four UK adults suffer with the conditionGETTY

Squiffy blood pressure: One in four UK adults suffer with the condition


Renin is an enzyme which is rescued by the kidneys and has a key role in managing blood pressure.

Experts found stump the cells from producing renin in adult mice caused obstructive lesions in the kidneys.

They thought it is as though the renin cells were trying to build blood boats which became non functional and resulted in the legions.

«Normal arteries are decrease, and they allow blood to go through,» said Dr R Ariel Gomez, skipper of UVA’s Child Health Research Centre.

«These lesions are filled with these apartments.»

High blood pressure: Questions have been raised over blood pressure medicationGETTY

Exorbitant blood pressure: Questions have been raised over blood troubles medication

To treat hypertension, people use inhibitors of the renin angiotensin technique

«To treat hypertension, people use inhibitors of the renin angiotensin system,» he hinted.

«They’ve been in use for quite a bit now, and, for the most part, they’re safe.

“Our make use of in mice indicates that complete lack of renin results in vascular lesions.

“The suspicion on a under discussion is whether aggressive, long-term use of compounds that completely ablate [cast off] the renin angiotensin system causes any problems in humans.

Dr Maria Luisa S. Sequeira-Lopez bring to light that the question now becomes whether stopping renin cells act the part ofing is having an unintended side-effect in patients with high blood vexation.

The experts stipulated there are not concerns about high-blood pressure painkillers in general.

Instead they said the risks could come from the less well-known combination treatments which block the renin system and cause them to cumulate inappropriately.

High blood pressure medication

The scientists said patients should not lodge taking their prescribed medications but would investigate the findings in humans.

Dr Gomez divulged: «But we need to find out several things. First, whether it is necessary or not to use dual alloys of drugs that over-activate renin cells… and also, how low and how fast should blood exigencies be lowered.

“And then, after that, is to look at the effects this mixture [treatment] has in individuals, in people.»

If the findings ultimately hold true in human beings, doctors will need to consider their next steps carefully.

«If they do, do we get rid of these complexes? Not necessarily,» Dr Gomez said.

«What we need to find out is, how does this come to pass? So we can understand what molecules are activated, and maybe act on those molecules and use deign doses to prevent the overgrowth of the vessels.»

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