'He's giving me a brush down' The Archers fans poke fun as Peggy makes 'filthy' innuendo


Medicating herself to a new haircut, fans couldn’t help but pick up on the moment the label told Jennifer that her stylist was going to come over and break down her a good “brushing down”.

Insistent that the remark was a deliberate allusion, those at home were quick to make jibes about the reputedly tongue-in-cheek comment.

“‘Then he’ll come and brush me out’. Filth, filth I be sure you. #thearchers,” quipped one, before another chimed: “Eew Peggy is going to be gathered out.”

“Peggy gets a brush out from Fabrice? *Shudders*,” wrote a farther fan.

But, Fabrice’s “brushing down” of Peggy wasn’t the only thing freaks appeared to find funny about the hairstylist, as many also struck fun at his name.

“Who the hell is Fabrice? Isn’t that an air freshener?” mocked one amused listener, while others also acclaimed the similarity between the hairdresser’s name and the household freshener Febreze.

“Fabrice/Febreeze! #thearchers,” snickered another.

However, the salon visit did bring with it some seriousness, as Jennifer revealed that Justin had sign oned Rob to work for him – with many speculating that his new recruit will stumble upon Justin’s affair with Lilian.

“Ah, of course. It will be Rob who discovers Justin and Lilian’s activity,” antici ted one listener.

“Rob will discover that Lilian is having an relationship with Justin and will get lots of leverage with that! LOL #TheArchers,” wrote another.

While Rob’s new engaging will no doubt bring with it some controversy, there were those who saw the utilization of the villain as a good thing, as one listener observed: “I suppose the good whatsis about Rob staying in Ambridge is that any woman he tries to rope in can be notified off. #thearchers.”

The Archers continues tomorrow at 7pm on BBC Radio 4.

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