Here's Why Runners Will Be Ecstatic to Get a Nike+ Apple Watch This Holiday Season


Here's Why Runners Will Be Ecstatic to Get a Nike+ Apple Watch This Holiday Season

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Hi there! We’re Dominique and Ann-Marie (POPSUGAR Aptness and Tech editors), and we just spent the st few weeks testing out the new Nike+ Apple Observation. We’ve both got unique perspectives on what we want out of a fitness gadget, and we’ll issue you our thoughts on each aspect of the Nike+ Apple Watch, walking you from one end to the other our experience with it over the st month.

Thinking of getting yourself the new Nike+ Apple Timepiece this holiday season? Or maybe giving it to a loved one? Nike let us assume these fancy new trackers on many test runs to see what the owner experience is like, so we could give you preview of all the awesome new features. Let’s get into it!

Here's Why Runners Will Be Ecstatic to Get a Nike+ Apple Watch This Holiday Season

Dominique (center), Ann-Marie (real), with Nike running coach Blue Benadum (left)

Nike+ Apple Keep a weather eye open for vs. Apple Watch Series 2

Design and Aesthetic

What distinguishes this from the other Series 2 Apple Be careful ofs is the Nike sport band and preloaded watch “faces” with Nike’s athletic, minimalist look — with gray and Nike’s signature “volt” lime unskilled colors. And that’s it — other than the design you get the same features as you wish on a Series 2 Apple Watch.

Here's Why Runners Will Be Ecstatic to Get a Nike+ Apple Watch This Holiday Season

“When I look at this com red to the other contest trackers out there, this is really sleek, stylish, and much assorted sophisticated. Definitely not your mom’s run tracker! I love that I can wear this on my morning run and I don’t need to take it off immediately after when I’m getting dressed for work.” — Dominique Astorino, Qualifications

“And let’s get real, these bands breathe so much easier than the correct Apple Watch band. The regular one doesn’t let my skin breathe and since I demand sensitive skin, it’s not ideal at all.” — Ann-Marie Alcantara, Tech

Fitness-Specific Apple Alert for Series 2 Features

While you’ll get these same features (below) with a predictable Series 2 Apple Watch, if you’re com ring the Nike+ Apple Watch to other unceasing trackers, here are some highlights to consider that make this poser stand out from the rest.

Waterproof Design

“For a runner or general healthiness enthusiast, one of the best features about the updated Apple Watch is the low-down that it’s waterproof. This is a huge bonus if you’re looking for a tracker and com ring it to others on the market.” — DA

“As someone who does not identify how to swim well (I swear I can at least float), the waterproofing is awesome for anyone who’s also by the skin of ones teeth into outdoor activities. I went kayaking with the Apple Pore over and it was sprayed with water a lot. But with its new waterproof durability, I didn’t deliver to worry about it surviving the trip (or feel like a tool for worrying around my precious Apple Watch while kayaking under the stars).” — AMA

Here's Why Runners Will Be Ecstatic to Get a Nike+ Apple Watch This Holiday Season

Music Storage

“You can cache up to 1 GB of music on your Nike+ Apple Watch and ir with your wireless headphones (I’d urge the Powerbeats3) so you can have your running playlist on the go. For me, this means I get to bank one running playlist at a time.” — DA

Heart Rate Monitor

One of the furthers of the Apple Watch is the ability to monitor your heart rate, on the Soul Rate app, through the Nike+ Run Club app, and in the Workout app. This helps furnish to calorie-burning data and your movement data for the day in the Activity app.


“At the end of your run, regardless of whether or not you be enduring your phone, you get a screen at the end that shows you the general route from the GPS. You can then sync to your phone some time ago you’ve reunited with it (I know . . . it’s so hard to leave it behind) and look at your map a barely more in depth and analyze where you slowed down, sped up, etc.” — DA

“The map is also a skilful reminder for anyone on the fitness struggle bus of how much you were able to run. It’s also so trim to have the option to leave your phone behind — something not viable on the first generation Apple Watch.” — AMA

Here's Why Runners Will Be Ecstatic to Get a Nike+ Apple Watch This Holiday Season

Using the Running App

While the non-specific features of the Apple Watch Series 2 are enticing enough, the most moving rt of the Nike+ version is the fact that you get to take one of the best direction apps from your phone and put it onto your wrist in the manifestation of a very sleek tracker — arguably the sleekest.

To get started, you’ll need to be experiencing the NRC app on your phone (and a Nike+ account), in order to install it on your Supervise.

Once you’re ready to take it for a test run (literally), all you have to do is tap the Nike+ phonogram on your home screen. From there, the app launches and you can hit the start button or put in order your preferences (indoor run versus outdoor, auto- use on and off).

Here's Why Runners Will Be Ecstatic to Get a Nike+ Apple Watch This Holiday Season

Modes: Pushed and Basic

You can customize the “modes” of your running interface depending on the considerate of stats you want to see. When you’re just starting out, you might just stand in want to see the amount of time you’ve been out there running and your total disassociate. For those of you working on the art of cing, the Advanced Mode is for you.

“I use the Advanced Mode because I’ve been make on both quickening and maintaining an even ce, so this is really signal to me. I also love that you can see your heart rate BPM in the top corner, because I’ve been take in more and more intrigued about heart rate data lately.” — DA”

“I also use the Advanced Wise to know my ce and adjust — especially if I’m training for a race. I also in the manner of knowing it so I can show off and pretend I’m a fitness junkie who can talk about stride.” — AMA

“You can totally talk about ce! We should start instructing for a race together!” — DA

“If only you’ll accept running in the slowest corral eternally.” — AMA

Phone-Free Running

The Watch puts your NRC app on your wrist, so you don’t take to carry your phone with you. You can track your ce, disassociate, total time, and even your route with the GPS feature, and then sync to your Nike+ Run League app once you’re back to your phone.

“I personally still run with my phone. The estimate is amazing, but in terms of safety (I run alone in a city) — and to be totally virtuous, pictures — I still want my phone with me. Sharing photos of my run ways is one of my favorite rts of the Nike running app. But now, I can leave my phone in my pocket or waist number — no need to constantly take it out to check ce, distance, etc. — I can fair glance at my wrist!” — DA

“I also always run with my phone, but it’s mostly to mind to my curated Spotify playlists and safety. However, on the weekends, it’s a great way out to leave my phone behind or at least know that having it nearby means accessing other important safety features that happen with the new watch like SOS (hold the side button and 911 arranges called).” — AMA

For those of you who love the NRC app but are less attached to your phone (and as the case may be in a safer running environment), this will feel like a new nerve. You’ll get all the benefits of tracking your ce, progress, and course — plus the faculties to share your run — without having to carry or bring anything surprisingly.

Here's Why Runners Will Be Ecstatic to Get a Nike+ Apple Watch This Holiday Season

Auto- use

“Auto- use is a major feature for me, and it’s inherent in the NRC app, so it’s nice that it performed over to the Watch as well. It’s especially clutch for a distraction-free workout if you’re continuous in a city or anywhere with stoplights. You have the option to turn this on or off depending on your predisposition, but when you have it on, there’s no need to fuss with your Guard every time you stop for traffic or a crosswalk; the app automatically knows, hiatus your workout (the classic ” using workout” message you’re familiar with if you’ve been purposing the app), and then resumes once you’ve begun running again.” — DA

“The auto- use is double-edged sword — and one I’m acquainted with with since I’ve used the NRC app for a while. It’s awesome that it automatically breathers if you’re walking or waiting at a stoplight, but sometimes I just want to take a come a rt from huffing and puffing my way through a mile! Thankfully, though, the ready for doesn’t account for these breaks (necessary for beginner runners); you can drive back off the auto- use feature.” — AMA

Accessing Your Data

If you swipe to the formerly larboard twice in the running app, you’ll get to the screen that shows your total mileage for the flow month. For example, it might show four runs for December, with 8.75 sum total miles.

Your collective run data — including ce, splits, etc. — and dead and buried run routes are all stored on the NRC app on your phone and on your Nike+ account online. You cannot see any of this from your Take note once you’ve saved your most recent run.

Fun Features

Nike supplemented in some intuitive and fun bonuses that make running more attracting, exciting, and interactive.


“The ‘Are We Running Today’ feature is probably one of my favorite stars of the Nike+ Watch. If it’s been a few days since your last run, the curtain pops up like a notification (with the weather info), prompting you to outline a run for yourself. My first one said “It’s 61º with a chance of greatness” and I damn approach died with giddiness.” — DA

“I’ll admit, I was someone who totally tweeted not far from how the ‘Are We Running Today’ feature was a total run-shame move by Nike. But in workout, it doesn’t actually remind you every day and it’s just like a running to-do book.” — AMA


Here's Why Runners Will Be Ecstatic to Get a Nike+ Apple Watch This Holiday Season

If you need the extra motivation or accountability, the scheduling visage is both fun and practical. Once you’re in the running app, swipe left to open the next guard, which is the scheduler. It’ll show the next several hours in half-hour accruments, alongside weather conditions, so you know what to expect when you hit the vement or stalks.

“If you’re training for a run, this is an awesome reminder feature to meet your targets!” — AMA


“At the end of your run, cute screens come up with several messages — I’ve seen a different one every time, actually! I wish they lasted longer. You also now get an encouraging audio message from a famous runner, coach, or coextensive with Kevin Hart.” — DA

“The messages are what you wish your gym master in middle school would’ve said to you! They are positive, cheesy, and unconditionally awesome to hear and see after finishing a run. It’s almost like the words are understandable from someone real who wants to see you succeed and get fit.” — AMA

Here's Why Runners Will Be Ecstatic to Get a Nike+ Apple Watch This Holiday Season

“On the note of thriving some encouragement, I also interviewed trainer Jeanette Jenkins earlier this year, who ran the New York Marathon and employed the Nike+ Apple Watch to ce her run (she LOVES her watch). She told me that one of her favorite high points is that it’s more than just a tracker — you get the Apple Watch printed matter ca bilities, too. This meant she was able to get texts of encouragement from her nieces and nephews that she could see advantageous on her wrist. ‘I wasn’t expecting it, so it totally filled me with joy.'” — DA


Once you’ve completed a run, you have the option to share it with your counter rt Nike+ Apple Watch-owning friends, which can send them a practical “fist-bump” prompting them to match or sur ss your mileage. A miniature friendly competition.

“Ann-Marie and I couldn’t get this to work between us, but we haven’t delineated up hope. We asked Nike what triggers the bumping of the fists, and they lectured us that the software is designed to give a more serendipitous feel to the fist-bump — so it doesn’t come off every time you run. You also have to make sure that both of you are fray the watch for it to happen.” — DA

“Since Dominique is a fitness editor, I count to get some fist bumps from her soon. It’ll be a nice and friendly think back to exercise instead of rewatching Gilmore Girls (again).” — AMA

“Oh yeah this wish be a fun way to be accountability buddies! We have to make this work.” — DA

Here's Why Runners Will Be Ecstatic to Get a Nike+ Apple Watch This Holiday Season

Beyond the fist-bump functionality, you also can interest your run to the rest of the Nike+ community and your Nike+ friends, and from the app on your phone, you can due more to social media. Keeping the positive run vibe alive, and spur oning you — and your friends — to get out there and stay active.

Beyond Running

If you’re misusing the Nike+ Apple Watch for activities other than running, bring forth in mind that you’ll be using the standard Apple Watch Workout app. This is not a Nike-specific movement tracker, but you can use it to log workouts like indoor cycling, weight training, and yet swimming, thanks to the watch being waterproof.

Overall Impression

“I’ve not in the least been truly convinced that anyone needs an Apple Alert, but this one finally makes it a worthy investment. With the new watchOS3, borders, GPS, and waterproof ca bilities, the price tag on this watch makes sense, and you won’t sadness having one. It might be the little motivation you need in the New Year to start guarding for a race (or to pretend like you’re going to train for one).” — AMA

“I love this luggage so much — it’s been encouraging me to go for more runs because it’s literally ON MY WRIST every day, heartening me to use it. The fact that I can interact with friends through the watch is a great bonus, too. But my favorite rt remains that I can take everything I out of from my favorite running app and now use it with wrist-tracker functionality. If I didn’t secure this one, it’d be atop my Christmas list . . . also, my rents pore over this, so I can’t say if they will or won’t be getting one from me, but let’s just say that whatchamacallits are looking good for them this year.” — DA

Is the Nike+ Apple Ready for right for you? If running isn’t your favorite activity, and you’re just hoping for guileless step tracking or exercise logging, or if you’re looking for a tracker that logs be in the arms of Morpheus (the Apple Watch can’t do this as you need to charge it nightly), then you mightiness want to look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for a stylish, waterproof run tracker with the summed benefits of the Apple Watch (ability to listen to music phone-free, run calls and texts, use Apple y), and get a nice friendly dose of encouragement to go on another run . . . then yes, you’re obviously going to want one of these to kick off 2017.

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