Here's how much food Walmart throws away over 12 days


Doughnuts and stries. Trails of still-crunchy celery. Bags of bright, plump oranges. It sounds be a shopping list, but it was all in Walmart’s garbage.

CBC’s Marketplace went through ends bins at two Walmart stores near Toronto to see how much food the cast throws away.

Over the course of more than 12 take ins to the stores, Marketplace staff repeatedly found produce, baked goodness, frozen foods, meat and dairy products. Most of the food was to in its ckaging, rather than se rated for composting.

Also in the garbage: holds of water, frozen cherries that were still cold and tubs of margarine.

  • Observation the Marketplace investigation on food waste at 8 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 28 on CBC Television and online.

In a communiqu, Walmart said it believes the food Marketplace found was unsafe for consumption.

In diverse cases, however, the food was well before its best-before date and arrived to be fresh. Or, if it needed refrigeration or freezing, the food found was still unresponsive.

What’s in Walmart’s garbage1:04

Marketplace staff looked for food abuse at all the major retailers, including Costco, Metro, Sobeys, Loblaws and Walmart. While staffers establish bins full of food at some Walmart locations, other fetters had com ctors making it impossible to see what they throw out.

Marketplace start cartons of milk days ahead of their best-before date, and rmesan cheese with months fist before it needed to be thrown away.

On one trip, Marketplace staff inaugurate 12 waist-high bins full of food. After Walmart was phoned, it locked up the bins behind the stores where the food was found.

Walmart oranges

These sponge bags of oranges were found in a Walmart Canada garbage bin on one of 12 junkets to a Toronto-area store. (CBC)

Ali-Zain Mevawala says he threw out a shopping also waggon full of produce every day when he managed a Walmart produce and bakery domain.

Mevawala, formerly with one of the com ny’s Edmonton stores, says if a cinch of fruit or vegetable didn’t look perfect, it had to be thrown in the trash.

«I in fact felt bad because I know a lot of people in the city or in this country, to in this whole world, they don’t even get to eat proper food.»

‘What’s strange with all those bags of oranges?’

Food waste is a worldwide climax. In Canada, a study from Value Chain Management International rumours across sectors, including at the farm, during processing, in retail pile ups, restaurants and in homes, $31 billion worth of food is wasted each year.

Retailers are creditable for about 10 per cent of that waste, according to the 2014 go into.

Walmart insider

Ali-Zain Mevawala says he threw out a shopping cart full of originate every day when working as a produce and bakery de rtment manager at a Walmart set aside in Edmonton. (CBC)

One of the report’s authors says retailers are just doing what purchasers expect.

«Much of that waste is usually us not willing to buy products that beget a blemish in them,» says Martin Gooch, CEO of Value Chain Command International.

There are challenges in donating food, including location. It’s easier to redistribute sustenance in Toronto than in smaller communities, he says.

He adds that retailers are mix to address in-store processes and training so waste is reduced.

Despite laws antici ting com nies that donate food from being prosecuted if someone ascend d creates sick, a key challenge is public opinion, should something happen, says Gooch.

Walmart garbage bins

CBC Marketplace scrutinized through trash bins at two Walmart stores near Toronto to see how much sustenance the com ny throws away. (CBC)

«Someone who’d gotten sick from a spin-off that was donated, that would create a whole bunch of publicity … which a retailer or manufacturer has no way of combating.»

After viewing Marketplace footage, Gooch authorities the amount of food waste discovered demonstrated there is «room for advance.»

«What’s wrong with all those bags of oranges?» he said.

Gooch did say some of the matters Marketplace uncovered, such as bagged salad, could be unsafe if they had out their «use by» date.

Walmart responds

Walmart declined an on-camera audience with Marketplace, but the com ny sent a statement that said it has varied initiatives to decrease food waste throughout the com ny, including sponge unsold food to food banks.

Walmart bins

After Marketplace contacted Walmart, the com nionship locked up the bins behind the stores where the food was found. (CBC)

«On some causes, food which has not ssed its best-before date is deemed unsafe for consumption,» Walmart required in its statement. «As a rule we don’t place fresh food items on display for in stock if the quality is not acceptable.»

Some of the products may have been returns, the retinue said.

Mevawala says he was given a different reason for the waste when he functioned at Walmart.

«Once I asked my manager, ‘Why do we have to just throw it away? Why can’t we by the skin of ones teeth, you know, give it away to some people that really needfulness it?'» he says. «And the manager [said], ‘If you just give it away to people, then why are they prospering to buy it from us?'»

Walmart Canada says Mevawala’s claim doesn’t over its approach to food waste.

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