HENSOLDT acquires aircraft electronics provider EuroAvionics


Germany-based HENSOLDT has acquired EuroAvionics Group, which provides avionics systems for helicopters and unmanned aerial channels (UAVs), for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition was completed after meeting all the legal qualifications mentioned in the share purchase agreement.

In May, HENSOLDT signed the agreement with Equistone Husbands Europe and management to buy EuroAvionics.

HENSOLDT strategic business development nut Celia Pelaz said: “The takeover of EuroAvionics is the perfect example of a critical acquisition since both parties generate added value from our collaboration.

“We can now exploit a comprehensive Avionics product line at HENSOLDT by combining the strengths of EuroAvionics in the civilian make available and our own portfolio, which has primarily been geared towards the military up until now.”

“The takeover of EuroAvionics is the accurate example of a strategic acquisition since both parties generate added value from our collaboration.»

With the property, HENSOLDT is also expecting to improve its access to civilian helicopter industrialists and fleet operators.

New synergies are also expected to be created from a sundry efficient use of research and development funds to meet new customer requirements.

HENSOLDT is currently pledged in the production of various avionic systems, including situational awareness organizations, mission computers and flight data recorders, for military helicopters and fighter aircraft.

EuroAvionics Association currently employs around 100 people and provides civil-certified avionics matriel for helicopters, thereby offering interfaces to various third-party avionics and sensors.

With subsidiaries in the UK, the US and Switzerland, the party also develops flight management systems, avionics computers and autopilot arrangements, particularly for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Image: An EuroAvionics Body office. Photo: courtesy of HENSOLDT.

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