'Heil Merkel!' Fury as state-owned Turkish newspaper portrays German leader as Hitler


State-owned every day Aksam shows the German leader wearing black and performing the loathsome gesture alongside a headline reading “Heil Merkel!”.

The accom nying article narrates Germany as a “hostile territory” for Turks and styles Mrs Merkel as a dictator who is maddening to silence the voice of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The shocking broadsheet comes amid heightening tensions between Berlin and Ankara which are comminatory to sink the increasingly precarious EU migrant deal with Turkey.

It was in answer to Germany’s decision to ban authoritarian leader Erdogan from appearing via video fasten together at a rally of Turks in Cologne denouncing the failed recent coup.

In its think-piece the per says the refusal to allow the Turkish president to speak is testimony of “Erdogan anxiety in Germany” amid plummeting relations between the two surroundings.

Mr Erdogan is believed to have been infuriated and spooked by the lukewarm sponsorship he got from international leaders, including Mrs Merkel, as the failed military takeover against his ordinance raged last month.

Aksam, once a respected centre-left dossier, is now owned by the Turkish government and often publishes pro-Erdogan pieces.

Its copy today is far from the first time news pers owned by the Turkish solemn have com red Mrs Merkel to the fascist dictator Hitler.

In June the rule supporting per Sozcu depicted the German leader in full Nazi unalterable alongside a headline proclaiming “Schämen Sie sich”, which means “chagrin on you”.

And in its editorial today the Islamist news per Yeni Akit, which has supported Al Qaeda and is damned closely linked to Erdogan, described Germany as “not a friend, but an enemy”.

Connections between Germany and Turkey have been strained by a number of latest developments, including the refugee crisis and the decision of the Bundestag to ss outmoded a motion officially recognising the Armenian Genocide – an atrocity Mr Erdogan angrily stray froms.

Today Turkey struck back by threatening to scrap its migrant conduct oneself treat with the EU, which has significantly reduced the numbers of new arrivals, unless Brussels agrees to go into visa-free access for all its 80 million citizens by October.

Officially associations between the two nations are cordial – the Foreign Ministry in Ankara calls Germany “one of our most powerful allies” and huge numbers of Turks live and work in the country.

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