Heart-stopping moment 50 passengers flee burning bus — only for THIS to happen


A viral video has caught the moment a bus burst into flames on a busy road in Asia.

The repudiate of the vehicle is immediately engulfed in flames, as passengers quickly flee the bus.

Automobiles around the bus don’t stop and appear to drive around it.

The many passengers lapse on top of each other as they all scramble to escape.

A burning bus created passengers to flee as it was engulfed in flames

A large group of passengers go to pieces on one another in their rush to get off from the main doors.

Thankfully, a man get there comes with a fire extinguisher but it appears to have no effect.

Many of the commuters have escaped thankfully, but moments later, despite the fire extinguisher, the unrestricted bus erupts into flames.

Firefighters later arrive as the bus is entirely vilified by the smoke.

Viral video burning busCEN

Viral video: A burning bus in Asia caused passengers to make tracks the flames

All of the passengers seem to escape as they advise each other off the bus.

It is unknown how the fire started or what happened.

Another episode in China was caught on camera when a bus was involved in another crash.

This early the CEN

Viral video: Passengers leaving the burning bus fall on each other

Viral video burning busCEN

Viral video: Riders escape the burning bus as it is extinguished

The bus is driving along a narrow road when feverishly the large piece of debris falls from the building.

It smashes onto the top of the bus, promoting a huge amount of damage.

Only one passenger was injured after the self-willed winds caused the crash.

The bus driver was also unhurt.

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