Heart disease warning: Doing THIS workout could lower your risk of death



Apply: It can boost testosterone levels

However, research has revealed that low testosterone levels may also be to on.

In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, researchers linked diminished amounts of the key male sex hormone to an elevated risk of developing or dying from essence disease.

Its function in the body is to maintain sex drive, sperm production and bone constitution, however as a man ages his testosterone levels will decline.

This can steer to an increase in body fat, loss of body hair and muscle bulk.

Muay ThaiGETTY

Muay Thai: High-intensity exercise will release profuse testosterone

It’s possible to slow the ageing process by boosting testosterone levels really — which may also reduce heart disease risk — through practice.

However, it’s possible to slow this by boosting testosterone levels actually — which may also reduce heart disease risk — through employment.

«Exercise has a benefit on the production of testosterone in your body, and you’ll experience a treenail after a workout,» said Chris Magee, trainer and head of Yoga at Another Measure out.

«The fitter you are the longer it will last.»

However, certain types of trouble will increase levels more than others — with some kinds equalize lowering them.

«It’s heavily dependent on the type of exercise you do, as the wrong order can actually do the opposite and decrease testosterone levels,» explained Casey Hewitt, trainer at Speedflex London.

«High-intensity interstice training, muay thai and weight lifting are examples of exercise that want boost testosterone levels. 


Testosterone: The key sex hormone naturally declines with age

«However, pilates, yoga, or anything low-intensity such as fancy distance running will decrease your levels of testosterone.

«Elude doing chronic cardio exercises and focus on GETTY

Running: Low-intensity bring to bear can decrease testosterone levels

As well as exercising regularly, you also requisite to mix up your routine — doing the same workout over and over again can participate in a negative effect.

Algieri warned: «Strength training using downcast weights is arguably the best way to  increase testosterone levels, but if you repeat this workout to regularly you’ll get a discount testosterone response.

«You need to keep your body guessing — try doing fewer reps with profuse rest time, more reps with less rest period and weaving in sprint training or HIIT.»

What’s more, boosting your testosterone can further your ability to exercise in return.

Magee explained: «High destroys actually aid your workout. If you time your workout to coincide with the crest testosterone window — normally in the morning — you can potentially get more from your training.»

Pertinence also has other benefits related to testosterone.

Hewitt said: «Persuasiveness gain can also accelerate the loss of testosterone, so staying fit and doing the licence kind of exercise regularly can actually slow down this sacrifice.

«However, if you are worried there might be more to your testosterone extermination than simply ageing you should consult your GP.»

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