Heart attack — THIS could lower risk even if you have high blood pressure


Heart attack symptoms: Lower calcium could reduce riskGETTY

Hub attack symptoms: Lower calcium could reduce risk

Now experts have on the agenda c trick revealed patients without a build up of calcium in their arteries are at drop risk of heart attack or stroke.

This is the case, experts pleaded, even if people have other high risk factors embodying high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol.

Experts from the UT Southwestern Medical Hub found people without calcium in their arteries had less than a three per cent endanger of a cardiovascular event over the next decade even if they had noted risk factors of heart attack.

«The event rates when coronary calcium is away are low,» said preventive cardiologist Dr Parag Joshi, assistant professor of Internal Medication at UT Southwestern.

«Our findings suggest that individuals with no calcium buildup in their blood barques may not have to take statins despite the presence of other risk deputies that cause coronary disease.»

This means people without calcium in their arteries do not of necessity have to be prescribed statins.

Experts have said a scan for calcium could be good for all patients suspected of being at risk.

Calcium can accumulate in the arteries of the fundamentals and cause plaque to build up. Calcium build up can be caused by a lack of use, stress, smoking, poor dietary habits and a deficiency of vitamins D3 and K2.

Heart attack symptoms: Lower calcium could reduce riskGETTY

Consideration attack symptoms: Lower calcium could reduce risk

Heart attack risk reduced with tone down calcium levels

The UT Southwestern researchers looked at CT scans of the chest and bravery of 6,184 people aged 45 to 84, who had never had a heart abuse or stroke, and were participants in a large, multi-site, multi-year study.

The researchers build around half of the participants had no calcium deposits in their heart arteries.

While this doesn’t wretched there is no plaque building up in the arteries, it means the patient’s risk of GETTY

Basics attack symptoms: Risk increased with high blood problems and cholesterol

The tablets are taken once a day are should normally be taken at the regardless time each day but most are taken at night because this is when the most cholesterol is assembled.

Recent figures have revealed the medication is one of the most popular in the UK, with two million people in Britain picking up a drug from their GP to treat people at risk of heart disease.

The medication is prescribed to safeguard against cardiovascular disease, which can be caused by high cholesterol.

The affliction is one of the most common cause of death in the UK, with people suffering from odd types of the disease — angina, heart attacks, coronary heart complaint and stroke.

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