Heart attack symptoms: Catching this INFECTIOUS virus could increase your risk



Stomach attack: Contracting shingles could raise your risk

Feelings attacks occur when one or more of your arteries becomes close off, preventing the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the vital organ.

While two-thirds of people impressionable a heart attack – double what it was 40 years ago, according to experimentation by the British Heart Foundation – many still don’t make it.

Traditional triggers embody high cholesterol, high blood pressure, being overweight and keep diabetes.

However, new research warns that becoming infected with shingles may also put up the likelihood you will suffer.

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Survival rate: While scad people survive a heart attack, many don’t

Shingles is a reactivation of the chicken pox virus, and be publishes as pain followed by a rash that develops into itchy blisters.

Concording to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, shingles can also up your chances of hardship a stroke too.

It’s a reactivation of the Smallpox

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Smallpox has been eradicated in its sensitive form officially since 1979 – Despite this many boonies continue to implicate required vaccination as way of precaution from the illness

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Chicken pox: Nine out of ten people in the UK make had it by the age of 15

According to the NHS, nine in ten people have had this by the age of 15. 

The risk of shingles proliferates as a person gets older.

In the study, researchers looked at half a million patients between 2003 and 2013, during which there were 23,233 encases of shingles. 

They found that those with shingles take care ofed to be female, and they also had common risk factors for stroke and concern attack, such as old age, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

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Shingles engenders: Your chances of getting the virus increases as you get older

However, this series was found to be less likely to smoke, have a lower alcohol intake, do innumerable exercise and be part of a higher socio-economic class.

The researchers discovered shingles broached the risk of cardiovascular events including heart attack and stroke by 41 per cent, the gamble of stroke by 35 per cent and the risk of heart attack by 59 per cent.

They also inaugurate  that risks of both stroke and heart attack were highest the before all year after the onset of shingles and decreased with time.

Professor Sung-Han Kim, on co-author of the Asan Medical Centre in Seoul, said: “While these decisions require further study into the mechanism that causes shingles patients to sooner a be wearing an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, it is important that physicians medicating these patients make them aware of their increased peril.”