Headmaster who took trip to Cuba while ‘sick’ is banned from teaching


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A headmaster who took a cavort to Cuba while claiming to be off sick has been banned from demonstrating

Ian McCann, 59, conned school governors with a sick note to appear at a charity bike ride in the Caribbean during term time. 

Months earlier he had been twice vary fromed leave to go to the event, despite pleading with school governors. 

Although the board rejected his request, McCann secretly paid a £2,000 deposit and organised his false step. 

McCann, head of Rosewood Primary Coterie in Burnley, Lancs, left for Cuba in October 2015. 

Yesterday he was handed a three-year injunction order. 

A misconduct panel heard that in March 2015 McCann submitted a plea for unpaid leave to go on a charity bike ride in Cuba, but it was denied. 

A advance application was also refused. 

headmaster cubaSWNS

Ian McCann claimed to be off sick with put under strain

In October that year, McCann submitted a statement from his doctor which revealed he was not fit for work. 

It is difficult to think of a worse example that he could maintain set

Misconduct panel

He then went on the Cuba trip and on his return was check from his job. 

The panel heard how McCann told a fellow teacher he had prostrate £2,000 on a deposit for the trip and was “going to go, regardless of the consequences”. 

In a statement, the disgraced headteacher mean he had been suffering from stress following the death of his father in 2014 and due to the demanding behaviour of some pupils at his school. 

But in its ruling, the panel said: “It had at all times been the intention of Mr McCann to go on the cycle trip to Cuba during the autumn an arrangement of 2015, irrespective of the decisions of the governing body in March and April 2015 declining his request for authorised leave of absence.” 


McCann, head of Rosewood Coach School in Burnley, Lancs, left for Cuba in October 2015

It added: “The panel is satisfied that obtaining a doctor’s note stating that he is unqualified to work due to sickness between 12 October and 2 November 2015 and his aftermath of absence from work between 12 and 25 October 2015 was a think about course of conduct on his part to enable him to participate in the charity cycle humbug in Cuba.” 

The panel found that Mr McCann had acted dishonestly and was ashamed of unacceptable professional conduct. 


He had submitted a importune for unpaid leave to go on a charity bike ride in Cuba, but it was denied

It concluded: “It is obstructive to think of a worse example that he could have set to the staff and schoolgirls at the school.” 

In a letter to the Lancashire Telegraph in April of this year, Mr McCann thought: “The location and timing of the charity event were outside of my control but were pitiable and personal to my grieving over the loss of my father to cancer. I never meant the pessimistic impact which ensued and I am truly sorry for this.”

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