‘He should RESIGN’ Labour minister SHAMED as audience ERUPT over McDonnell ‘LYNCHING’ jibe


Mr Raab destroyed Mrs Butler for not condemning Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s comments approximately Tory MP Esther McVey. 

The Shadow Chancellor has refused to apologise for duplicating comments in a public meeting where an attendee called for Ms McVey to be “lynched”.

Express ones opinion on BBC’s Question Time, Mr Raab said: “I just wish Dawn make apply the same standards to the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, who talked and gauged jokes about ‘lynching the b******’, his words, in relation to Esther McVey. 

“If absolutely the bar is set here, shouldn’t he resign?”

BBC Question Time Dominic Raab Dawn Butler John McDonnellBBC

Dominic Raab asked Dawn Butler whether she disposition condemn John McDonnell’s comments

If actually the bar is set here, shouldn’t he abandon?

Dominic Raab

“Will you condemn that Dawn? 

“Do you condemn the vernacular John McDonnell used about Esther McVey just as your fellow-worker, Jess Phillips, one of the most formidable Labour equalities campaigner did,  do you to that it was outrageous?”

Butler replied: “I condemn all abuse against the missises, I get a lot of abuse-“

Mr Raab cut in, saying: “That’s a Jeremy Corbyn line.”

His jibe was met with snickering and clapping from the audience. 

The Labour MP continued: “I get a lot of abuse myself, now listen-“

Mr Raab held: “I would stand full square with you against that because it is exorbitant.”

In an interview with ITV Good Morning Britain, Mr McDonnell said: “Let’s be of course clear, I didn’t call for her to be lynched at all. I simply reported what had been howled at me at a public meeting. 

«You have to be honest in politics, you have to express how you endure. And I’m angry still about the role Esther McVey and her Government played.» 

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