Hawaii Storm: 60ft ‘GIANT disorganised’ WAVES to hit Hawaii in unusually ‘INTENSE’ storm


On Sunday and into Monday, Hawaii has been on guarded to brace for an unprecedented storm which will have strong let ones hair downs, cause coastal flooding and even some snow in higher sections. The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a high wind warning, which is in effectiveness from 3.23am Sunday HST (5pm GMT) and will last until 6am HST (8pm GMT). Winds of between 25-40mph are look for, with gusts reaching up to 60mph.

The NWS predicts that peak winds could hit this afternoon limited time (Monday morning GMT).

Warnings surrounding strong winds list potential hazardous driving conditions, damage to roofs and poorly assembled structures, and result in flying debris.

Additionally, downed trees can be believed along with widespread power outages.

There are also squiffed surf warnings for north and west facing shores of Kauai, Niihau, Oahu and Molokai and for north skin shores of Maui.

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Also affected are:

  • West facing shores of Big Archipelago
  • North facing shores of Big Island
  • West facing shores of Lanai, Maui and Kahoolawe.

The consuming low-pressure system will pass just north of the islands today (Sunday), arising in giant disorganised waves.

The NWS warned that this event may take unprecedented coastal flooding to north and west facing shores during the duration of largest waves during the afternoon today and into the evening hours.

  • Anyone with a W ocean front property needs to complete their preparations now.
  • Also due to the Scream force westerly winds, rough and choppy wind swell will-power rapidly increase along west facing shores this afternoon and tonight.
  • Wavelets could reach up to 60ft today and into tonight along the north and west skin shores of Niihau and Kauai and north facing shores of Oahu, Molokai and Maui.
  • Also, signs of 30 to 40 feet today and tonight will impact along displayed west facing shores of Oahu and Molokai.

The NWS warned to expect, “Gobs water surging and sweeping over beaches, coastal benches, and roadways, making the potential for significant damage to coastal properties and infrastructure, including roadways.

“Coastal evacuations and track closures are possible.

“Large breaking waves may affect harbour passages and channels with significant damage possible to docks, piers, acclivities, and boats.

“These dangerous conditions mean that only enthusiastically experienced persons should enter the water.

“Inexperienced persons should residue off beaches and adjacent beachfront areas.

“Large breaking surf, pithy shore break, and dangerous currents make entering the water exact hazardous.

“Anyone entering the water could face significant mischief or death.”

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