Hawaii earthquake mapped: Where did the quake strike? Are there tsunami warnings?


The temblor hit Hawaii’s Big Island, and registered at magnitude-5.3, according to the US Geological Review (USGS). It struck on Saturday at 5pm local time (Sunday 4am BST), with a deeply of eight miles (14km). The major tremor was followed by a few smaller aftershocks, but has been hush for most of Sunday.

Is there a tsunami warning in place?

The Pacific Tsunami Example Center said no tsunami was generated by the quake.

The evaluation said: “No tsunami is look for. Repeat, no tsunami is expected. However, some areas may have well-versed strong shaking.”

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Where did the quake strike?

The earthquake struck in the Hualalai section of Big Island, about eight miles (14km) northwest of the town Kalaoa

The severe coordinates of the epicentre are 19.8 north, 156.1 west.

What was the strike?

Hawaii Electric Light tweeted that roughly 3,300 characters were without power in the Paniolo Drive and Waimea side of Waikoloa, but it was renewed within hours of the quake.

No serious injuries have been blasted, but the earthquake did cause some serious rockfalls.

According to Civil Defense propers, the quake caused a large boulder to come down on Highway 19-Queen Kaahumanu at the Hapuna Meeting.

There was also a rockfall reported on Highway 11 near the 100 and 110 mile markers.

Not one of Hawaii’s volcanoes have been reported as affected, according to the USGS.

Hawaii Isle resident Grace Emanuel from Holualoa was outside gardening when the rumbling began.

She remarked: “I heard it before I felt it. Everything started shaking.

“I looked up and my unreserved house was shaking back and forth. I thought, wow this is huge.”

Internal defence officials say there are no major road closures and only announces of minor damage in some area homes.

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