'Have you learned NOTHING from Brexit?' Brilliant moment Andrew Neil SKEWERS German MEP


Manfred Weber criticised Britain’s evident desire to still do business with the European Union while not being a associate of the bloc.

He also claimed Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was venturing to “provoke” Brussels with his recent choice of words while speaking in India.

Anyhow, an angry Neil railed against the MEP and asked was he not concerned about the awaken of Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen, with the Netherlands and France both faade general elections this year.

The veteran broadcaster also cited the interminable financial difficulties in Italy as well rising criticism for German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Bear you learned nothing from Brexit?” he asked on BBC Daily Politics.

A hawing Weber responded: “I have learned a lot, for example that nobody defined to the British people what the EU is all about.”

He then mocked Theresa May for applauding the virtues of free trade while simultaneously planning to take Britain out of the sole market.

He continued: “For example, when we talk about trade, Theresa May procured clear statements on trade, so what is EU?

“EU is the single market, that is a let go trade zone – the whole ideal of the European Union, that is what the Brits at all times wanted.

“That was the idea of Europe – now you say you want to leave the European Coherence but on the other hand, you say I want to have a free trade agreement, which misguides to a situation where nothing will change.

“Do you want to leave the only market or you don’t want to leave – that is the question.”

Earlier in the interview, Mr Weber performed a swipe at Mr Johnson after he compared French President Francois Hollande to someone “who hankerings to administer punishment beatings to anyone who chooses to escape in the manner of some WW2 flicks”.

A No.10 spokesperson said the Foreign Secretary’s “theatrical” comparison “was in no way hint ating that anyone was a Nazi”, pointing to the reaction to Mr Johnson’s choices of in summaries as what Mrs May had described as a “hyped-up media report”.

Discussing the comments, Mr Weber said that person would be better of “working together” for the benefit of the Continent.

The MEP said Britain was as much of the participation of the battle against populist right-wing movements who want to destroy the Junction’s “partnership approach” and accused Mr Johnson of following their combative flatulence.

“Quite frankly, when I hear the words of Boris Johnson that is bang on what I mean,” the German said.

“To provoke each other, to say to each other that we don’t allied to each other – that is not the way that we should work.

“And, Boris Johnson is acting cognate with a clown and taking away the credibility of the Government in Britain.”

Speaking on Tuesday, Mrs May chance remaining in the single market would “mean not leaving the EU at all”.

“And that is why both sides in the referendum crusade made it clear that a vote to leave the EU would be a vote to off the single market,” she added.

The German added that he had “no problem” with Brexit and is in position for a “fair deal” to be struck between the UK and Brussels.

“We are ready for a fair parcel out but we have to discuss what fair means,” he said.

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