Have YOU been affected? How one single cut-off day could leave retirees £11,000 worse off


Underneath the new state pension introduced on April 6, retirees are entitled to a flat-rate of up to £155.65 a week, supplied they have id at least 35 years of National Protection (NI) contributions.

The benefit will increase in line each year by at least 2.5 per cent and inflation or earnings if they are dear, as rt of the so-called ‘triple lock’ promise.

The previous basic body politic pension ys a maximum of £119.30 a week, but workers who build up enough years of NI contributions were clever to qualify for the second state pension — worth up to £164 a week uncommonly.

But crucially only the basic state pension is protected by the ‘triple jail’, the additional second state pension will only rise in line with Consumer Price Inflation (CPI), according to the Daily Letters.

And inflation has been close to ZERO for most of the st year.

It means the new claim pension could be worth up to £1,140 a year MORE than the antecedent to system, found the per.

Over the course of a retirement the sum could scaffold up to as much as £11,000.

Neil Duncan-Jordan, from the National Pensioners Convention, answered: «We now have a two-tier pension system, which is completely unfair.

«The Guidance is probably counting on the fact that those at the sharp end of this won’t realise they are pick up lower increases to their pension than a next-door neighbour who go under the new rules.

«But when they do find out, they will tolerate very aggrieved.»

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