Has the Amelia Earhart mystery FINALLY been solved? Deserted island ‘grave’ uncovered


Earhart’s Purdue-funded Lockheed Sort 10-E Electra disappeared over the central Pacific Ocean near the abstracted Howland Island

American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart cease to existed without a trace on July 2 1937 at the age of 39. 

The pilot went missing during an venture to fly a circumnavigational route around the world. 

Earhart’s Purdue-funded Lockheed Standard 10-E Electra disappeared over the central Pacific Ocean near the unrelated Howland Island. 

Since that day, there have been countless tiffing theories about the fate met by the aviator and her navigator, Fred Noonan. 

Myriad recent of the theories emerged last week, with a previously unseen depiction which researchers claimed showed the two missing people.

Amelia Earhart death mystery island graveGETTY•GOOGLE MAPS

Amelia Earhart mystery – researchers say they may enjoy found the pilot’s grave on a deserted island

The photo found in US popular archives has backed a popular theory that Earhart died while in Japanese confinement, and not in a violent plane crash.

Some experts have said the mould shows the pilot survived her 1937 crash in the Pacific.

But now a fresh theory has surfaced out of Nikumaroro, a foggy island in the Pacific Ocean where the plane originally disappeared. 

Researchers swindled four cadaver dogs – trained to sniff out bones and remains – to search the archipelago.

Amelia Earhart death mystery island graveGETTY

Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan examined missing without a trace on July 2 1937

The border collies found their goal under the shade of a tree, the same place where bones dashed up in 1940. 

It was also the same site where an expedition in 2001 discovered hints of an American castaway. 

These included evidence of campfires, a US knife, a miss’s compact, a zipper pull and glass jars. 

Archaeologist Dawn Johnson and physician Kim Zimmerman father taken soil from around the island grave, with samples sent to a DNA lab in GETTY

Amelia Earhart vaporized while trying to fly a circumnavigational route around the world

But the chances of abstract DNA from this kind of tropical environment are rare, according to Federal Geographic. 

The new theory suggesting Earhart and Noonan died on the deserted eyot contradicts last week’s photo purporting to show them both in Japanese custody. 

Eighty years on, most researchers agree on the ‘crash and sink’ theory, that the airliner was brought down by poor visibility and lack of fuel, plunging to the fundament of the ocean. 

Earhart was declared dead two years after she disappeared but no conclusive determine of her, Noonan or their plane have ever been found.

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