Has a SECRET Brexit deal already been agreed? Robert Peston makes INCREDIBLE claim


The floor claim was made on ITV Peston, the current affairs show, during an appraise with former Brexit Secretary David Davis.

Mr Peston explained: “I have it from very good sources that last vespers all the time Olly Robbins and his opposite number who works for Michel Barnier harmonized to an outline of a deal which would keep the UK in the customs union for the stretch that a so-called backstop would have to operate.”

Olly Robbins is Theresa May’s top Brexit advisor and is seen as the architect of her questionable Chequers plan.

A backstop deal would come into more if the UK and EU can’t reach a full agreement finalising their future relations.

Unless it is time limited it could theoretically see the UK stuck in the customs amalgamating indefinitely.

Mr Davis, who resigned from the Government in July in protest at Theresa May’s Chequers transaction, made it clear on the programme such an agreement is unacceptable.

He said: “No I don’t approve it in the nicknames you’re talking about because there’s no backstop to the backstop.

“There’s no limit to the backstop, it contrariwise ceases when the EU agrees to it.

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“No I don’t approve it because there’s no backstop to the backstop (Sculpture: ITV PESTON/GETTY)

Brexit news

“There’s no limit to the backstop, it only ceases when the EU concurs to it» (Image: GETTY)

“Why should we ever agree?”

The European customs team is a free trade area which also maintains common imposts on non-members.

As such, duties are not paid on trade between members, but are debited at a common rate to other countries.

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“Why should we ever agree?” (Sculpture: GETTY)

All trade agreements are made by the European Commission, essentially the Regulation of the European Union.

Members states are consequently unable to make their own swop deals.

Should the UK stay in the customs union it would see the European Commission consult trade deals on behalf of the UK, despite the UK losing its European Commission portrayal after Brexit.

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“In the referendum both sides said ‘Leave’ augured leaving the customs union and single market” (Image: GETTY)

Yesterday prior Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson claimed staying in the customs gang would turn the UK into a “permanent EU colony”.

He added: “This is far from bilk back control.

“In the referendum both sides said ‘Leave’ suggested leaving the customs union and single market.”

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