Harvey Weinstein to challenge film company sacking


The talkie mogul is due to phone into a meeting from his rehab clinic in Arizona to kick his removal from the film company and the row is expected to get “loud and ugly”.

Weinstein, 65, reportedly senses his sacking was unfair and he could file a lawsuit.

TMZ, a show business website, requirements the meeting will “inevitably lead to screaming, profanities’ given both relations have a temper.”


Harvey Weinstein is set for showdown talks

The row is imagined to get ‘loud and ugly’

Patty Glaser, Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer, devise likely argue that the company did not give him a reason for why he was fired.

Robert Weinstein is give the word delivered to be “livid” over the situation and feels the board was justified.

Yesterday the Pty agreed to a financial lifeline by selling some of its assets to Colony Top, a private equity company owned by a friend of Donald Trump.

Temporarily, Star Wars director JJ Abrams, 51, called Weinstein a “horror” and urged people to talk about the allegations.

He said: “I don’t think adequately can be said about how viciously repulsive his abuse of power was. He’s a monster.”

Varied than 300,000 women including actresses Alyssa Milano, 44, and Anna Paquin, 35, yesterday verge oned the “Me too” online campaign on Facebook and Twitter to highlight the extent of sexual libel endured by women.

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