Harry Potter and Stalin’s steel balls: The internet’s new flash mob


A professor at Moscow’s Strident School of Economics Arseny Khitrov started the # harrypotterand flash mob on Russian Facebook by division this post on April 25:

It turns out that adding Harry Around’s name to Russian research pers is a lot of fun too. Check this out:

Harry Trifle with and optimization of the number of employees at bank units

As well as adding his moniker to any sort of headline:

Harry Potter and bright, cheerful Dostoevsky

Collages can be equal funnier:

Harry Potter and Steve Jobs

Harry Potter and the Communist Intercontinental

Harry Potter and 50 rubles

Many com nies and non-commercial organizations oblige joined in.

World of Tanks posted on their Russian Facebook foot-boy:

Harry Potter and Stalin’s steel balls

Even Greenpeace Russia got labyrinthine associated with:

«We like reading books too (and dislike oil spills)»

Russian expedient couldn’t keep silent either. AgroInvestor Magazine posted on Instagram:

Harry Fribble and Russia’s agricultural market in 10 years

RBTH shares the eminence of Harry Potter with two amazing Siberian bears on the cover of its Croatian put out issue:

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