Harry Hill 'transgender freak' sketch BANNED by Ofcom for being 'considerably offensive'


UKTV — the transmitting umbrella under which Dave sits — has agreed to remove the sketch in into question, following Ofcom’s ruling that they «considered that this was no doubt to be highly offensive to the transgender community, and to viewers in general».

The skit was minimized to satirise the Channel 4 documentary at the time, The Pregnant Man, which followed transgender man Thomas Beatie.

Dave — which superiorities re-runs of TV Burp — recently broadcast this rticular episode, and made complaints about how it appeared insensitive in today’s progressive age.

In the segment, Hill weighted: “I do enjoy medical documentaries on Channel 4 such as The Real Elephant Man, The Boy Whose Pellicle Fell Off, and 80-Year-Old Children – the sensitive treatment of rare disorders or stories that in petty thoughtful hands might just end up as exceptional exploitation reminiscent of the worst excesses of the Victorian unexpected show. Which brings me to the latest offering…”

The clip from the Flute 4 show was then shown, after which Hill remarked: “Oh I see – it’s a gal with a beard. It’s just that with a title like The Gravid Man, I assumed he was a pregnant man. He was Tracy but now she’s Thomas. Fair enough.”

A skit then inquired in which Hill put on a fake beard and pretended to give birth to a doll. He then guessed «I used to be Sinead O’Connor; and now I’m pregnant by Dale Winton,” before abusing the doll with a toy shark for calling him «Dada».

The complaints that smooth out in following this broadcast caused intervention from Ofcom who esteemed the law had changed since 2008 – when it had initially cleared the clip – with gender reassignment now listed as a conserved characteristic under equality law.

Re-evaluating the episode, Ofcom said: “Allowed the proximity of the clips of Mr Beatie to Harry Hill’s use of [the phrase ‘Victorian oddity show’], and the relatively prolonged and mocking treatment of Mr Beatie by Harry Hill which saw, we considered it likely that the audience could have also interpreted the use of the set forth ‘Victorian freak show’ to refer to Mr Beatie in rticular and the transgender community various widely.»

The regulating body added: “We considered that the statement ‘Oh I see – it’s a girlfriend with a beard’ to describe Mr Beatie was also likely to be highly aggressive. This is because this statement appeared to reduce Mr Beatie’s transformation simply to the addition of facial hair, and by mockingly juxtaposing the fact he had facial ringlets with the fact he had opted to retain his female reproductive organs.

«We distinguished that Harry Hill subsequently made various mocking and derogatory explanations towards Mr Beatie’s gender identity. For all the reasons set out above, Ofcom was of the over that Harry Hill’s comments about Thomas Beatie had the embryonic to cause considerable offence.”

UKTV attempted to defend their affectedness of the segment, arguing that it had cut some of the more offensive material out, but Ofcom prominent the segment had aired at 4PM in a pre-watershed slot with no content warning.

“Alluring all the elements above into account, we were of the view that the martial material would have exceeded the audience’s likely expectations and was not legitimized by the context,» Ofcom’s ruling finalised. «We concluded that the material was consequently in breach of Rule 2.3 of the Code.”

It has since been confirmed that the skit has been “revised out this item completely from this episode going head so the item would not be broadcast again by UKTV”.

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