Harris wins grant to develop beyond-visual-line-of-sight solution for drones


US-based Harris has protected a grant from the University of North Dakota to help develop a denouement that will enable beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations for unmanned aircraft sets (UAS) or drones.

Harris will partner with the University of North Dakota and Northern Plains UAS Assess Site (NPUASTS) under the two-year research grant in order to expose a UAS network within the Grand Forks-to-Fargo corridor in the US.

The project aims to make available a full range of aviation-grade services for safe and efficient UAS BVLOS hands across the country.

The award follows a previous grant that disguised the development and risk and safety assessment of UAS detect-and-avoid technology. The value of the newly conferred grant has not been disclosed,

Harris electronic systems commercial UAS unravels vice-president and general manager George Kirov said: “The use of UAS for business craftswomen, such as remotely monitoring power lines, farms, and rail sniff outs, represents the future for many organisations.

“Harris is applying the same alteration and expertise that made us a leader in manned aircraft air traffic directing solutions to integrate commercial UAS operations into the National Airspace Arrangement.”

«Harris is applying the same innovation that made us a leader in gyved aircraft air traffic management solutions to integrate commercial UAS operations into the Country-wide Airspace System.»

The company is also looking to partner with individual end users, including railroads and electric utility companies in the area, to bring into being UAS test scenarios.

It also plans create other test floor plans in the future, such as roadway inspection, transmission line inspection, nicety agriculture, public safety and emergency services, among others.

Northern Downs UAS Test Site executive director Nicholas Flom said: “This network wishes create a real-world environment for users to develop, test and certify new artifacts and services.”

NPUASTS is the first of six test sites selected to perform UAS explore by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Image: Harris and its partners will usurp develop UAS network within the Grand Forks-to-Fargo corridor in the US. Photo: good manners of Harris Corporation.

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