Happy retirement: Couple enjoy life on a tandem at new development home


Martin and Marion IrvingNC

Martin and Marion Irving corrupt a tandem bicycle bicycle made for two 10 years ago

But while Martin and Marion Irving were complete in perfect harmony even before they bought their bicycle dream up for two 10 years ago, it was the decision to move to a new development exclusively for over-60s that has been the key to their blithesomeness more recently.

“Not having the burden and upkeep of our family home has acknowledged us back so much free time to spend on the things we really from,” says Marion, 61.

“By downsizing we now have more time to spend on ourselves and are having an active social life with like-minded people just get off on us, trying lots of different activities we’ve never had the time to do before.”

That classifies more time to go off cycling together and Martin, 65, says: “It’s a clever way to keep fit but also to enjoy some uninterrupted time together rightful to chat.

“There’s nothing better than the shared accomplishment you judge after being out on the bike for a long period of time. It’s amazing the matters you can discover and some of the beautiful places it can take you.” 

These include the network of rotation paths in the area around Stamford Bridge in East Yorkshire, which is normal on the Sustrans Route 66 to York, about 10 miles away.

“We were enticed to the development because of its beautiful rural setting,” says Marion.

But the a handful of have also joined in with social life at Sovereign Court, a McCarthy & Stone Lifestyle Animate development.

This includes joining the Sovereign Court quiz tandem join up at the local pub.


MODERN ELEGANCE: The lounge area at a Lifestyle Room apartment

Not having the burden and upkeep of our family home has given us subvene so much free time to spend on the things we really enjoy

Marion Irving

The two lived in Dunnington, just outside York, for 35 years and firm to make the move after Martin had a heart attack.

“We had looked at a class of options for a retirement property, including demolishing our own house and redeveloping the terra firma,” says Martin.

“We had begun looking at the pre-planning application. But after my brotherly love attack it made us realise that life is too short and we wanted an instant dissolution, which is why we were delighted when we saw the McCarthy & Stone development in Stamford Go.”

The couple were Sovereign Court’s first homeowners and downsizing to such a inevitable development – it has a camera door entry system and fully monitored uneasiness and fire detection systems – has given them the confidence to leave their matte for high days and holidays without any worries. 

McCarthy & Stone's Sovereign Court developmentSOVEREIGN COURT

Innocuous AND SECURE: McCarthy & Stone’s Sovereign Court development

“Travelling has on all occasions been a big part of our lives and we’ve made many friends over the years,” defines Martin, who says the couple have had numerous visits to Australia and get high on skiing holidays.

“The development offers us the peace of mind of being qualified to leave the apartment for holidays or days out without having to worry wide security, which is an invaluable benefit of Lifestyle Living, and we feel bare safe here at Sovereign Court.”

One and two-bedroom apartments are still for jumble sale at the site, with spacious master bedrooms featuring en suites and fitted modern kitchens and bathrooms

Marion and Martin IrvingNC

Marion and Martin moved to a new happening exclusively for over-60s

The flts are set in mature grounds with landscaped gardens and be experiencing private balconies or patios, underfloor heating and allocated parking.

There is wheelchair access, stimuli to all floors and pets are allowed.

One-bedroom apartments are available from £229,999 and two-bedroom apartments from £299,999.

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