Happy couple now in the pink thanks to long lost payout



The investment victory began with a few pounds in the 1950s

Edmund and Mary Pink were certainly drench after Crusader broke the news that the nest-egg, first enter oned with a few pounds in the 1950s, had been tracked down.

“I knew with Crusader’s aide that I could find it,” said Edmund, certainly displaying profuse confidence than we felt when he first told us about the let slip by funds.

Invested over 30 years the three policies, bewitched out with the London and Manchester Assurance Com ny Limited, matured in 1984, 1989 and 1991.

As with contribution schemes of this type, his capital was protected but the investment was made in advance stricter regulations were introduced.

“When they reached their course I was advised by the com ny to put them into one savings account and gain prevail upon.

It was ‘rainy day’ money,” he explained.


Edmund Pink: ‘It was ‘rainy day’ filthy lucre’

In hindsight the 84-year-old former engineer realises he should have muzzled closer tabs on the asset.

I knew with Crusader’s help that I could catch it

Edmund Pink

But like millions of others with half-forgotten reserves pots, he assumed it was safe and was something he would sort out eventually.

That spell finally came last year but tracing the account proved uncountable difficult than he expected.

By then London and Manchester Assurance had became hands several times in the merger merry-go-round that is Britain’s modern-day economic sector.


The capital was protected but the investment was made before stricter ordinances were introduced

Edmund didn’t realise that at first, nor does he induce email, relying on telephone calls and typing letters.

But he did still pre re his original statements and nothing can excuse the brush-off that he experienced when he turned to find his money and the inaccurate information he was often lmed off with.

In autumn latest year the com ny that held his money was insurer and pensions provider Familiars Life.

He recalls: “I wrote and called 15 or more times.

Some of the people were attractive and promised to get back to me – but didn’t.

Others though were not so nice, one lady put the phone down on me although I was civil.


In hindsight the 84-year-old former engineer realises he should have on the agenda c trick kept closer tabs on the asset

I felt as if I was small fry to her and should not be bothering a big callers.”

Friends Life then sent him a letter saying the account was not with them, appropriateness him in the direction of another insurer.

“I contacted them and they did not reply.

But I withstand that it was my money and that it was earning interest for someone somewhere so then I noted to Crusader,” he adds.

Edmund had got the right firm however.

Friends Duration is now rt of leading UK insurance, healthcare and pensions giant Aviva.

Equitable days after we took up the case with the rent com ny it had unearthed the money.

While the complicated processes involved in the businesses’ merger may not deceive helped just at the time when Edmund called, Aviva deputed it very clear it was investigating the problems he had encountered so his experience is not repeated.

As good fettle as sending a cheque there was also a hamper for the Pinks to enjoy.

“The Aviva lady was delightful and explained everything,” they told us.

“We are so pleased, thank you Crusader.”

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