‘Hanging around like a BAD SMELL’ Nick Ferrari berates Tony Blair over EU migration U-turn


Treat of during his LBC show, the outspoken broadcaster slammed the staunch Remainer for impulsing the Government to implement tough new restrictions on immigration after he admitted «spaces had changed» since he opened the door to European migrants during his premiership.

The nasty rant comes after Mr Blair rejected restrictions on immigration when eight rural areas from eastern Europe joined the EU in 2004 – a decision which he allowed «led to Brexit». 

Ferrari said: “This is the man who presided over opening the passages. Other countries put in a stay when the European Union extended eastwards. He asserted we didn’t need one, not that many will come, around 13,000. I over they stopped counting when it got to about 700,000.

Tony Blair and Nick FerrariGETTY•LBC

Nick Ferrari mocked aim at Tony Blair over his latest comments on Brexit

He was virtually tongue-kissing Juncker when he saw him terminal week

Nick Ferrari

«Can you imagine what would have been claimed if, on his watch, that idea been put for when these people appear from Eastern Europe, they’re not allowed to get into the health utility, they’re not allowed to get the same level of benefits, they’re not allowed to send the spinach back to their families in Bulgaria and Poland and Latvia.

“Can you imagine what last will and testament have happened? We’d have all been told we were racists.”

The presenter then accused the last leader of “virtually tongue-kissing” President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker in a ploy to catastrophe Brexit.

He go oned: ”But now in this zeal to get Britain to reconsider and obviously to go back into the EU – that’s why he was for all practical purposes tongue-kissing Juncker when he saw him last week, that’s what it’s all approximately, he’s determined to do.

«Look, undoubtedly a very bright man. You know what, your day has lay hold of. Just accept it.

«Do what the bloke who comments on cricket did on Saturday, Henry Blofeld, he port side at the top of his game. Even the crowd cheered him. That’s what you do, you don’t keep put down the receiver around like a bad smell.»

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