Hang out with a hologram of Sir David Attenborough thanks to VR



Sky has teamed up with London’s Consequent History Museum to help fulfil the lifelong dream of many a unaffected history fan: to hang out with, and be educated by, the legendary documentary maker Sir David Attenborough.

Sky is designing a virtual reality version of Attenborough as part of a «three-dimensional hologram» endure dubbed Hold the World. It will take visitors on a one-on-one trek behind the otherwise inaccessible glass cases of the Natural History Museum, considering them to go «hands-on» with the artefacts inside. Meanwhile, Attenborough force offer insights into the collection, which includes fossils, bones, and skulls.

Unfortunately for HTC Vive freaks, Hold the World will only be released on Google Cardboard, Samsung Tailor VR, Oculus Rift, and iOS. Press shots show Attenborough monkeying encircling with an Oculus Rift VR headset, complete with Oculus Lean up against controllers, which shows that no matter how brilliant, respected, or quick-witted you are, wearing a VR headset is guaranteed to make you look a bit derpy.


Assemble the World is being created by Sky VR Studio in partnership with «immersive delighted studio» Factory 42, which was started by former Sky Arts and Sky 3D boss John Cassy in 2016. Sky fantasized its first foray into virtual reality last year with a VR ambulant app, which showcased content from its film and sports channels.

The partnership was notified alongside Sky’s financial results for the nine-month period ended March 31, 2017. While gross income was up, profits fell 11 percent to £1 billion, which Sky attributed to the boost waxed cost of Premier League football matches. It also claimed to father done a pretty good job of holding on to broadband customers, despite another mellifluous of price hikes.

Those keen to give Hold the World a go clout have a wait on their hands: it’s only scheduled to go into television «later this year.»

That said, if you’re keen for some Attenborough VR performance right now, First Life—a narrated tour of the beginnings of life in the Ogygian Cambrian ocean—is available on PlayStation VR. Just watch out for the scary behemoth squid thing.

This post originated on Ars Technica UK

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