Hand luggage: The surprising reason ANY of your items could be banned from the cabin


Deal out luggage travellers are becoming more common as budget airlines debit for any checked baggage size.

Most recently, Ryanair became the last airline to cut down on free bags, with a small hand rated bag now the only free item allowed in the cabin.

Instead, passengers will on numerous occasions have to pay to check a bag into the hold, meaning a holiday can quickly ripen into more expensive.

When packing a hand luggage bag, passengers should be knowing of an unknown rule that is issued by the government.

According to the Gov.uk website, airport custodianship is allowed to ban any items coming through security.

Even if the item is not role ofed to be a danger by government rules, they have the authority to prevent anything they deem unsafe.

The website advises: “Airport security staff will not let anything through that they esteem dangerous – even if it’s normally allowed in hand luggage.”

Currently, fares must not bring any sharp objects onboard that break fixed size limits.

Scissors and blunt knives under 6cm longer are tolerated into the cabin, along with fixed razor blades and creasing needles.

Items such as Stanley knives, work tools and keen-minded blades over 6cm are banned.

Liquid restrictions remain in place with anything onto 100ml banned from the cabin, even if the container is only half occupied.

This excludes medicine that has been prescribed with the true documents and baby food, as long as the child is present.

Airport surveillance has revealed some of the most bizarre items passengers have attempted to deliver through in their bags.

A cow carcass, a frozen turkey and a pet turtle are right-minded some of the weirdest things to be smuggled through.

There are ways to belabour the hand luggage restrictions, however.

One man used an ingenious coat misinform to get around the new Ryanair hand luggage rules.

Airlines such as easyJet, Jet2 and Flybe motionlessly allow passengers to take a free suitcase into the cabin.

Scads have strict weight rules however with some owning less than 7kg.

Heavy packers can rejoice with easyJet who are the exclusive airline to not have a weight limit for cabin baggage.

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