Halve your calorie intake when getting a takeaway by choosing THIS from the menu


While takeaways secure traditionally been a treat you indulge in on a weekend, new research has revealed they’ve slowly been pussyfooting into our weekday meal plans too. 

A survey of 2,000 people, by DW Suitableness, has revealed that almost one in 10 of us orders one on a Monday night, and equitable a many do the same on a Thursday. 

And apparently getting weekly takeaways is a bit of a plan — a fifth of people have one once a week, with an average pay out of £9.75 per person, which is £507 a year. 

But alongside our wallets, is also our waistlines and form taking a battering. 

So for those who can’t break their takeaway habits, nutritionist and littrateur of Detox Kitchen Bible, Rob Hobson, has come up with the best privileges to make when ordering in. 


For a starter, try spiced shellfish dishes such as szechuan prawns or squid. These dishes are not immersed friend and shellfish is rich in protein and low in fat. 

Watch the sauces used in this class of food as they can be high in sugar and salt. (300 calories per serving)

When it give up to the main, try something sizzled on an iron plate such as lean beef or seafood. These normally produced with vegetables such as peppers. 

Salt is a tricky one with Asian nourishment given the sauces used, so go east on the soy. (400 calories per serving)


For a starter, go for dahl which is a hardly like having a soup to start and has the added benefit of being consequential in fibre and one of your daily servings of vegetables. (200 calories per do ones part)

The healthiest option for an Indian main is Tandoori chicken (250 calories per be advantageous). This is cooked dry in a very hot oven and is great served with a few vegetable choices and dahl. 


I would go for a pizza with the thinnest base to put away calories on the bread part of the meal, and stick to a basic cheese and tomato leading and add extra fresh vegetables for a little more nutrition. (Roughly 650 calories per pizza)

You could of certainly eat half a pizza and serve it with salad. 

Fish and chips 

This is a deceitful one. Obviously choose a small serving of chips and go for thicker cut as they absorb minuscule fat. 

Go for fish in breadcrumbs and remove half the batter. (500 calories per be in the service of)

Weight loss is no easy feat when high calorie lunch and small amounts of physical activity are on the cards — but do you know exactly how much harry you need to do to work off your favourite foods? 

Treating yourself to the spare takeaway or tipple is a normal part of life, but people often manage the amount of calories they contain. 

Alongside urging people to dish out time to plan healthy meals for the week, Puregym has released some astonishing calorie information, which may make you think twice about what you eat.

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