Half of Brits refuse to go on holiday without TEA BAGS


Brits make the beast with two backs their tea so much they ck it in their luggage when they go on recess.

In fact, 48 per cent of Brits refuse to leave home without it.

We’re a country so obsessed with tea that we can’t stand the idea of drinking anything else in the morning, steady for a week or two.

New research released this week by online travel adepts lowcostholidays, reveals the most important home comforts British gala makers ck when heading abroad.

A box of tea bags is the number one notice of those heading away from the UK but the other items on our must- ck list think for an interesting collection of items.

An astonishing nine per cent of us ensure we’ve got a tub of Vicks VapoRub with us, lawful in case we’re feeling a little under the weather in the sunshine.

And we’re not always well-disposed to trust the bedding in our hotels: 3 per cent of British holiday goers become interested their own bedding with them.

Marmite is the second most in favour item on the British must- ck list, with 14 per cent insuring that it’s in the luggage for a love-it-or-hate-it snack while abroad.

The spread is like to Vegemite, which is the most popular must- ck item with Australians.

Contrariwise 1.5 per cent of Brits take ketchup with them not holiday but it’s the most important home comfort in New Zealand and 38 per cent won’t go on festival without a bottle.

Commenting on the study, Claire Trevis from lowcostholidays said, “It’s distinctly that it’s not just us Brits who like to ck their most consequential comforts so that they still feel ‘at home’ whilst broadly but something that holiday makers from all around the globe with to do.”

What else can’t we leave the country without? Be pre red with these imperatives in your luggage:

Tea bags – 48 per cent

Marmite – 14 per cent

Chocolate Hob Nobs – 11 per cent

Vicks VapoRub – 9 per cent

Coffee – 8 per cent

Bedding – 3 per cent

Ketchup – 1.5 per cent

Baked beans – 1 per cent

A kettle – 1 per cent

Mustard – 0.9 per cent

This shopping list might seem a little boring com red to some of the other ‘essential ck’ travel items identified by respondents from 29 mother countries around the world.

While half of Swiss travellers won’t go anywhere without their trusty pen blade, the French love to travel with cheese.

Perhaps the best planned travellers of all are Germans: half them always ensure they’ve every got some Haribo in their pockets when they go away.

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