Hairspray Live!: The best bits from the TV version of the hit musical


The living television version of the musical is going to be aired in Britain later this week with a astral cast bringing the story to life.

Pop sensation Ariana Grande, Oscar title-holder Jennifer Hudson, Rosie O’Donnell and Martin Short are among the stars set to brilliance in the production.

Hairspray Live! follows the story of overweight teenager Tracy Turnblad and her l Penny Pingleton, who dream of joining the dancers from their high-priced school on The Corny Collins Show, a programme they watch religiously.

Amber Von Tussle and her boyfriend Affiliation Larkin are two of the school kids that dance on the teen show.

Both clothed a prominent role on the programme thanks to her mother Velma managing the groove on which the show is broadcast on.

One day, Tracy decides to brave it and audition for the display but gets turned down for being too big – though that doesn’t finish her desire to keep trying.

Tracy is played by Maddie Baillio, while Ariana, 23, eats on the rt of friend Penny.

For fans of the musical, which is set in Baltimore in the Clip Sixties against the backdrop of racial segregation in America, here are the most outstanding bits from the show.

A nod to former Tracys

Hairspray was originally made into a sheet in 1988 before getting a remake in 2007, and the latest version makes a hint to older adaptations.

Actress and talkshow host Ricki Lake played Tracy pursuing in the Eighties, and she ended up making an appearance in Hairspray Live!

Jennifer Hudson suppresses it as Motormouth Maybelle

She already has an Academy Award to her name thanks to her genuine turn in Dreamgirls, but Jennifer, 35, takes it up another notch.

The bygone American Idol winner reminds us just how good her singing is as the garish, brash and brassy DJ Motormouth Maybelle.

Darren Criss makes an hint

Glee alumnus Darren Criss has more of a minor role in this staging as the host of the musical and a bit of a theatre geek.

But it’s great to see him onscreen again, conspicuously when he keeps giving a shout out to Ariana in between performances.

The Oreo trait

The trick with the chocolate biscuit was just mesmerising as ballroom dancer and singer-songwriter Derek Hough supervised to twirl a biscuit through the air effortlessly.

Not only is he a master of the dance rout but it looks like he can do magic tricks as well.

Ariana is a true Thespian

It’s not surprising given that she started out in Broadway before she even hand over it onto the small screen and the Billboard Charts.

Ariana certainly does not balk as Penny in Hairspray Live!

Hairspray Live! will air on ITV2 tomorrow tenebrosity at 8pm.

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