‘Hailstones as big as 50p pieces!’ Coverack devastated by flash floods as roads DESTROYED


Firefighters be undergoing advised residents to avoid the village of Coverack, which was hit by a surge of flows on Tuesday afternoon.

Dramatic footage has emerged of fast-flowing water widespread through the village, pouring over the sea wall — which appears to maintain crumbled under the pressure in some places — and into the sea.

Residents in Coverack, on the Lizard Peninsula, pull someones leg hailstones the size of 50 pence pieces smashing windows in the histrionic storm, which many have described as «crazy».

One eyewitness bring to lighted how her neighbours lost a shed in the flood.

«It was quite horrendous,» said the townswoman business owner, who did not want to be named.

«It was torrential, the water that was happening down our road, but it’s all subsided, it’s much better now, except for the river itself is pacific quite a torrent.

«Our neighbours across the road from us, their throw disappeared down the river. Our neighbours, just up the road from us, their oil tank disappeared down the river.

«But luckily nonentity hurt, anyway. I think the biggest sufferer is the main road into Coverack. I don’t deem that is passable at the moment.

«I have never seen such big signals. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing and it was hailing, all at the same time. It was quite fabulous really.»

Flooding in CoverackTWITTER

Flash flooding hit Coverack in Cornwall on Tuesday

The coastguard thought two people trapped in a house had been airlifted to safety, but a further four oddments in the building.

Karla Wainwright, who works at the Paris Hotel in the village, acknowledged the BBC: «This afternoon we could tell it was going to get about stormy, then yon 3pm it hit.

«There were hailstones as big as 50p pieces and a lot of small panes in our windows are disciplined.»

She added: «It wasn’t until it cleared up at 4.30pm, and we could see over the other side of Coverack, and we could see the branch coming down the main road and going just straight off over the wall into the sea, that we realised how bad it had been and how much water and teem had come down.»

Water surging through the streets of CoverackTWITTER

Water continues to surge through the boulevards of Coverack

Water pours over sea wallTWITTER

Dramatic footage shows the flood water spout over a wall and into the sea

There were hailstones as big as 50p pieces and a lot of under age panes in our windows are broken.

Karla Wainwright, resident

Cornwall Give someone the sack and Rescue has issued a warning saying: «Major flooding in Coverack scope. Please avoid this area and do not attempt to drive through any oversupply water.»

The main road in and out of the village, the B3294, is said to have been defeated up completely by the weight of the surface water as it surges through the streets down nearing the sea.

One person wrote on social media how part of the road looked to comprise fallen away, adding: «Tried to get down to help in the village but no way from one end to the other.»

Anne Rogers, who runs a local Bed and Breakfast in the village, mentioned: «We got got the helicopter overhead who has just air lifted two people two people to safety from a bungalow verge on the river. 

«The tarmac from the road is now along the seafront — it is just horrendous. It is utter devastation all along the seafront and the cuesta side properties are all flooded. 

«It started raining about 3.30pm and was relentless for about two hours. It has flooded here before but this is by far the worst I oblige ever seen it. 

«There was another old lady who had to be rescued from her hospice.»

The sea wallPA

Water gushed over the sea wall, which appears to have shivered in parts

The Met Office said it came after heavy thunderstorms and volley in Cornwall and Devon on Tuesday afternoon.

«There has been some prodigious rainfall around,» said Met Office forecaster Craig Snell, who imagined the worst has moved north from the region.

Nearby Rosenithon was also thwacked by the hour and a half storm, which turned the village into a river of brown not function and driveways into lakes.

One person wrote on Facebook: «Water at the end of the day deep between [the] end of Porthkerris lane and Porthallow road. Cars won’t skip town it though, it was up to the Transit bonnet.»

Residents have already been stilted to appeal on social media for sandbags, as water sweeps into their natives and washes away their belongings.

Gloria Knight tweeted a photo of garden after the downpour, which was covered in debris, saying: «It’s awful. Here’s what leftovers of my garden. Most of which last seen heading out in the Channel.»

Forecasters say thundery barrages could become more widespread throughout the evening.

Coverack floodPA

Firefighters force advised residents to avoid the village of Coverack

The Met Office said «Thundery overflows are expected to push north across southern parts of the UK through Tuesday flattening, perhaps turning more widespread towards midnight.

«Although numerous places won’t see these showers, there is a chance of localised flooding of homes, issues and susceptible roads.

«Frequent lightning may be an additional hazard with achievable disruption to power networks.

«Similarly, but very locally, hail may case impacts.»


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