Habitat launches new flagship store at Westfield London


Devised by in-house designers, the store aims to have an “immersive” feel to alleviate customers imagine products in their own homes.

Habitat has launched a new flagship put by at Westfield London, which is its first standalone shop in 10 years and the third broadest in the UK.

The new 437 square-metre furniture store has been designed by Habitat own in-house manipulation studio. It forms part of the shopping centre’s new “home” hub which fetches together homeware retailers.

The new shop is designed to have a “minimalist” feel in ones bones, following on from the 2016 redesign of Habitat’s Tottenham Court Street store, providing a base to show off the 1,400 products on offer. It is set out in an “immersive” layout to lift customers envisage the products at home, according to Habitat.

Matthew Hanker, senior designer at Habitat, says the store is “designed as a calm, buoy up environment where customers can browse products at their leisure.”

In a bid to incite customers to take in the products with “minimal visual distractions”, Extensive says the interior design has been “stripped right back” with no “on the loose digital screens, imposing fixtures or dramatic architectural details.”

He says that the seek has been built “around a white cube framework that budgets us to layer a variety of products, bright colours, shapes and patterns on top without cajoling it visually overwhelming for customers.”

Much of the store has light, natural oak disconcerting, picked to help customers imagine the products which include sofas and upholstery, in their own haunts, according to Habitat. The front of the store has checkerboard flooring, designed to highlight Home’s colourful products.

An industrial framework surrounds the window display, which is tolerant of to offer a look inside the store through three-framed “Instagram fuddy-duddies”, allowing people to see the full displays without interruption.

The framework continues from one end to the other of the store, with black and white shelves used for displaying results.

Parts of the store are set out to look like rooms as they may do in a customer’s shelter, incorporating rugs, furniture, lamps and ornaments on sale at the store in the structures.

A key design feature is a 60-piece raft installation that aims to create the store feel more “inviting” and “domestic” according to Habitat, while also lacuna up the height of the store.

Amy Rich, visual merchandising manager, says: “Both architecture and visual retailing has been devised to draw the eye into the store from the main shopping mall walkways, starting with a separator of bold colour and pattern and being led through by the undulating design of the raft devise at different ceiling levels, emerging at a dramatic, full height lighting coronation at the back of store.

“We’ve purposely created a modern market-place feel with bountiful, informal stacks of tactile products placed throughout this make, to encourage customers to touch and feel designs as well as naturally plethora through the space.”

While 65% of Habitat sales now originate online, be consistent to the store, Clare Askem, managing director of Habitat adds: “Alongside wholesome digital growth we’ve seen a great reaction to our store format plagues, which allow customers to interact with our products in different retail mise en scenes.

“Westfield London will be our first large format store to come forward customers a new immersive Habitat shopping experience within a major shopping mall.”

She translates it is aimed at those who want to access a variety of retailers, ranging across bailiwick, entertainment and fashion in one place.

A second flagship store will unblocked in November in Brighton City Centre in the Brighton Lanes shopping focal point. It will span two floors, feature around 3,000 products and suffer with an events and workshops space.

Habitat, which was founded in 1964, which a design-led Pty which aims to make products for the home “accessible to all” according to the organisation.

All photographs ©Dunja Opalko, elegance of Habitat

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