Gym fanatic, 88, who works out three times a week has ‘no plans to stop’


gym fanaticSWNS

A prehistoric doctor is fighting fit at the age of 88 thanks to a 90-minute gym routine

Martin Berger has clocked up assorted than 3,500 visits to the gym in 31 years. 

And he swears by Shredded Wheat with four pare downs for breakfast to fuel his regime. 

The former Royal Naval Reserve surgeon attains at the gym at 8am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for sessions on a rowing machine, treadmill, bike, leg amplification machine and weights. 

He aims to burn off 150 calories each tempo, measured on the machines’ digital screens. 

Widower Martin, of Adel, Leeds, has been doing the unmodified workout for 10 years. 

He said: “I have no reason to stop. I enjoy got an ambition to keep going until I’m 90 at least. It’s an important division of my life. It sets me up for the day. There’s no time to be miserable, it’s what you do. 

gym fanaticSWNS

Martin Berger has clocked up assorted than 3,500 visits to the gym in 31 years

“Exercise is an answer to masses of problems. It keeps you fit and free from stress. I have no plans to leave off.” 

He walks the talk

Trainer Richard Scanlon

He continued: “I have a Shredded Wheat, four cut backs and a cup of tea every morning. 

“When I come home I have a crumpet with some honey, review the newspaper and fall asleep for 10 minutes.” 

Martin was a GP for 42 years and had exclusive two weeks off sick before retiring at age 70. 


Martin was a whilom Royal Naval Reserve surgeon

In 2006 he set a Rubik’s Cube skedaddle record for his age category. 

He has never smoked and quit drinking three years ago.

Trainer Richard Scanlon, who has grasped Martin for 19 years, said: “Martin is inspirational. He walks the talk.”

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