Gunman ARRESTED: Armed police scrambled after active shooter at hospital


The energetic shooter situation was reported at the ICU of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Centre in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Reports on Twittering suggest one person has been shot but as yet there has been no official confirmation of administers fired.

The hospital = issued an “active shooter alert», and patients and stake were evacuated from the centre.

Police can now confirm one man has been forestalled and is in custody following the incident.

One employee claimed all workers received an email from the asylum about a “code silver,” which apparently means a person with a weapon, influential them to get out if possible and otherwise to shelter in place

Shooting at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical CentreTWITTER

Shooting check in at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Centre in New Hampshire

Images from the scene presentation patients in wheelchairs and those who need assistance being helped out into a greening lot.

Others say they were evacuated from the building and told to extract shelter in a bank on the campus, where they were locked preferred.

Lebanon High School and Hanover Street Elementary School are also answerable to lock down, according to school officials.

In a tweet, Dartmouth College clarified its campus is not on lockdown and extractions are ongoing.

Police were looking for a man described as 6’1″ tall, with salt and speckle blonde hair, wearing a red camoflage shirt and may be carrying a camoflage backpack.

The college tweeted out that anyone who takes this individual is asked to call 911.


Patients have bene retire fromed from the New Hampshire hospital

The Lebanon Police Department is asking people to steer clear of the area while roads around the hospital have been necked.

A spokesman for the hospital Mike Barwell said: «Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon is currently obliged down following reports of an active shooter in the hospital.

«We are assessing the position now, and will have more information as soon as it becomes available.

«Lebanon and New Hampshire Stage police have been alerted and are on-site.»

The office of New Hampshire’s attorney all-inclusive confirmed they are also responding to the scene.

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