Grenfell hecklers brand new Kensington and Chelsea council boss ‘murderer’ in meeting


Elizabeth Campbell front immediate calls to resign as she formally took over the leadership of the particular authority, as well as shouts of “shame on you”.

She was heckled as she addressed the chamber in Kensington Village Hall, which was packed with survivors and victims’ families, community fellows and volunteers, along with the full council.  

Ms Campbell was repeatedly yelped down as she said she had met with survivors.

She said: “We meet at a time of unimaginable go to rack and sorrow. The Grenfell fire is the biggest civilian disaster in this fatherland for a generation.”

She then addressed the gallery to ironic cheers as she said: “I am unreservedly sorry for the grief and trauma that you are suffering.

“I am truly sorry that we did not do more to arrogate you when you needed it the most.”

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New Kensington and Chelsea leader Elizabeth Campbell was hassled throughout her speech

At least one person was let in midway through the meeting after enraged banging on the locked door separating the public gallery from the house floor was heard.

Outside, a group of demonstrators holding Justice for Grenfell placards were intensified.

Ms Campbell replaces Nicholas Paget-Brown, who resigned last month in the thick of fury at the council’s disastrous handling of the fire, which killed at not much 80.


Grenfell protestors packed out the council chamber as the new leader spoke

Mr Paget-Brown bring oned outrage when he first said Grenfell was not fitted with sprinklers because districts didnlt want them. 

He then tried to bar the public and the media from the leading council cabinet meeting after the fire, a move criticesed by the goverment. 

After a lucky legal challenge, the public and journalists were permitted to attend, however for Mr Paget-Brown to make a brief statement and quickly shut down the assembly. 

Much of the relief effort to help survivors has been left to volunteers, with assorted on the ground reporting that council workers are rarely seen. 

Ms Campbell herself drew criticism when she admitted she had never been inside one of the borough’s outrageous rise residential towers. 

Grenfell GETTY

Protestors gathered outside the caucus building before the meeting

A woman who said her teenage niece had died in Grenfell addressed the judicature.

She said her brother and sister-in-law could not speak in public because “their woe is too huge”.

She told councillors: “I think you should be highly embarrassed by the answer,” adding that it had been “totally inadequate”.

She told the council a “sincere acknowledgement of an email would have gone a long way”, referring to a preceding attempt to get in contact.

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