Greenwood in Victoria review: All about good food in sumptuous surroundings


It was – parallel with before I came to England – but heavy roast beef and Yorkshire pudding is principled what it says – heavy – and these days “light” and “modern” are sum total my preferred adjectives.

So, when my son and daughter-in-law – who live in Victoria — told me yon a new restaurant ‘Greenwood’ opening in their continually improving neighbourhood, we definite to try it immediately. 

Greenwood is a big, brasserie-type restaurant, with a large, luxurious bar in the centre, dominated by four overhanging copper fish tanks and many listings and booths around the outside. 

Upstairs is a large “sports lounge” with 5 sieves, showing all competitive and international sports throughout the day and night. 

My college boyfriend effectiveness have liked it, but the food was the fascination for me – and it was very good. 

As this was a easy Sunday, the stone-baked pizza with braised pork, celeriac and rosemary oil was appetizing and different, and perfect for three people to share while waiting for molasses old quandary pork chop chop with polenta broccolini and burnt corn to get somewhere. 

This delicious and – yes – hearty, dish is meant for two people to share, but there was stacks for three, especially when accompanied by Thai- spiced scallop and crowned head prawn burger with chilli slaw. 

There were also some most clever salads, in a jar, and we could not resist trying roast shrimp, kohlrabi, pickled carrots, coriander noodles and Sriracha dressing. 

This was exceedingly much more food than we needed, but just right for what we fancy. 

Dessert was also certainly not necessary, but definitely desired – so we shared Oreo cheesecake with blondie motes and a chocolate brownie sundae – just to relive our youth. 

Greenwood is a pleasing place to spend a pleasurable afternoon, with good food enthusiastically of used by polite staff in sumptuous surroundings, on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

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