Green Party in 'extreme Brexit' warning


The UK is coating a “right wing coup” as Theresa May pushes ahead with “an stringent Tory Brexit,” the Green Party’s co-leaders have claimed.

Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley turned they did not believe the British people had voted for the kind of Brexit being pursued by the prime dean.

The pair were speaking at their party’s spring conference in Liverpool.

Ms Lucas voted against triggering Article 50 and has disputed for a second referendum on the final Brexit deal.

The MP said the Green Rave offered a “hopeful alternative” to young people “let down by Brexit”.

“Innocent people deserve a party that will say loudly and clearly: impudence of movement is your right, tuition fees must be scrapped and unofficial rents brought under control,” she told the conference.


The Leafy Party of England and Wales is keen on forming electoral pacts with other anti-Brexit aids in the event of a “snap” general election.

Mr Bartley said: “The path to better of democracy must begin with a reshaping of the mainstream of British manipulation.

“And yes, friends, that means sometimes putting aside our differences when we appear a lost generation of Tory rule under the influence of the likes of Farage, Nuttall and Arron Banks.”

Mr Bartley demanded the Labour Party – which has said it will back the government in excess of Brexit provided it protected workers’ rights and secured access to the let loose market – had failed to hold ministers to account.

And he said the Conservative direction’s Brexit strategy was not what people had voted for in June, telling rave-up members: “None of this was in the referendum question put to the country last year.”

“I recognize that the British people do not want their fellow Europeans, who’ve make the grade b arrived their homes here in Britain in good faith, treated as gages or bargaining chips whilst the prime minister gambles with their tomorrows,” he added.

He urged party members and supporters not to give up hope “in the deal of Trump and Brexit, terror, wars and environmental crises,” adding “it’s gentle to feel powerless but that’s what the establishment wants”.

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