Greece bailout protesters storm ministry in strike dispute


Browned off trade unionists in Greece stormed the labour ministry and confronted the woman of the cloth over plans to tighten the rules on strikes.

About 500 protesters from Communist-affiliated PAME shatter into the ministry after breaking open metal shutters with crowbars, Reuters communication agency reported.

They shouted “shame on you!” and “take it back!” at the left-wing chaplain, Effie Achtsioglou.

Curbs on strikes are among conditions set for Greece to vanish its bailout.

The left-wing government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has submitted a massive bill to parliament aimed at satisfying eurozone creditors, who have requisitioned tough austerity in exchange for continuing loans to Greece.

Among the overtured reforms is a rule requiring unions to get a yes vote from at least half of their associates before triggering a strike. Currently the approval of one-third of members is commanded.

In the tense confrontation on Tuesday, the trade unionists called on the labour divine to withdraw the legislation.

But Ms Achtsioglou replied: “I will not take it back.”

The protesters chanted “We won’t give in to plutocracy!”

The Tsipras government wants to avoid another bailout show after the current one – the third – expires on 20 August.

Austerity insinuated by the EU and International Monetary Fund (IMF) creditors has caused enormous hardship for millions of Greeks, after fork out on social security, education and healthcare was cut sharply.

Burdened with mammoth state debts, Greece has been on an economic lifeline since 2010. It has sustained more than €250bn (£221bn; $298bn) in bailout payments.

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