Great Repeal Bill: Goldsmith warns Remainers voting down Brexit bill is playing with fire


The Tory MP said bar the Brexit process would be “playing with fire” and lead to “restrictive political movements”.

MPs will vote tonight on the EU Withdrawal Bill which objectives to remove all EU law and transfer it into UK law.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Goldsmith enlarged preventing Brexit after last June’s referendum would replacement the country’s politics “forever”.

The former London Mayor candidate said: “If that show signs of is broken, I believe the resulting anger will give rise to endmost political movements right across the UK that will change our manoeuvring forever.


Zac Goldsmith warned Remainers not to block the Brexit get ready ahead of tonight’s vote

To stop this Bill on principle is in my prospect playing with fire

Zac Goldsmith

“So improve this Bill at the next showbiz, report stage, committee stage, but to stop this Bill on sentiment is in my view playing with fire.”

Opposition MPs have raised concerns that the bill thinks fitting hand the Government too much power, while Conservative MPs have been ordered to distant the bill to avoid frustrating the Brexit process.

Bernard Jenkin, one of the leading MPs to speak and a keen supporter of Brexit, said the Labour vote against the Note should not be taken seriously.

“This Bill is fundamentally not a decision-making Charge, it is an enabling Bill.

“It is an administrative measure… but we should remember that the big decisions organize been made — on the 23rd June last year, and in the Article 50 Act.

“We are deviate from the 

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