Great Celebrity Bake Off: Alan Carr caught SABOTAGING muffins leaving viewers in turmoil


Alan Carr was up to his old cantrips this evening as he joined three other celebrities in taking on the Dedicated British Bake Off’s challenges.
However, despite being pitted against his mate celebs, he wasn’t exercising any manner of sportsmanship.
As time ran quickly ran out for the renowns’ first challenge – making muffins – Alan ran to help Aisling Bea as she fought to decorate her bake.
But as Aisling cried for help, Alan had other arrangements for his fellow-baker.
Taking over piping the filling into Aisling’s muffins, it lickety-split became apparent that he wasn’t being careful with the dainty process.
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Great Celebrity Bake Off: Alan Carr was snagged sabotaging Aisling’s muffins by the fans
Oh God, you’re gonna get point marks thieved off for this
Alan Carr

He smirked at the camera and said: “Oh God, you’re gonna get apex marks knocked off for this.”
However the sabotage didn’t go according to plan as Aisling’s muffins were vigorous received.
But the entire ordeal saw fans in hysterics on Twitter as his sabotage essay didn’t go unnoticed.
One wrote: “Alan’s subtle sabotage is incredible #GBBO.”
Another powered: “Alan Carr definitely ruined that Irish ladies muffins #GBBO.”
Artery 4
Great Celebrity Bake Off: The contestants were pitted against each other to line up to cancerOne commented: “#GBBO @AlanCarr’s sabotage face is my new aesthetic.”
Other enthusiasts thought that Alan wouldn’t find success in baking any other way, with one saying: “Incapacitate away @chattyman. It’s prob the only way you will win #GBBO.”
While another set of nuts demanded some sort of professional intervention.
One passionate fan demanded: “Jealousy is a bad thing! @BritishBakeOff I demand a stewards enquiry #GBBO.”
Great Notoriety Bake Off continues Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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