GRAPHIC: Villagers brutally beat leopard to death before posing for SELFIES with big cat


The big cat, one of an threatened species, was raded around Mandawar village in Haryana state in India by a baying mob of myriad than a thousand people.

The bloody corpse was at the centre of a swarm of people proud of their profit, waiting to pose with it.

Forestry commission officials who had been irritating to tranquillise and trap the leo rd with nets could only wrist-watch on helplessly.

Forestry official Sinha said: “My team had tranquillisers, but couldn’t get a unencumbered line of sight.

“Its body was taken for a post-mortem to Sultanpur, and will be cremated afterwards.”

Villagers rather commenced the brutal killing after the young leo rd – said to be two and a half years old – attacked husbandman Sundar Bharadwaj, 46, as he examined his crops.

The farmer, who suffered chew and scratch wounds to his neck and chest, said: “I was tending to my field when the rude attacked me.”

Another farmer – Kunwar l, 38 – was also injured by the big cat.

Views say the leo rd then fled through the village before it was cornered under a bed in a ill fame.

Reports said angry villagers beat the cat to death with rods and axes before posing for selfies with its blood-soaked corpse.

Sinha rumoured: “The leo rd was surrounded by an angry crowd of over 1,000 people, which couldn’t have on the agenda c trick been managed.”

Later, villagers denied they had killed the tonic male leo rd needlessly.

One – named as Seema, 42 – said: “The mammal could injure so many people and terrorise our village for so long because forest officials were so injudicious.”

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