Graphic designers earn £3,000 less than average UK salary, research reveals


Into from the Office for National Statistics has shown that full-time delineated designers earn £25,900 annually, which is less than musicians, legmen and architects.

Graphic designers earn £3,000 less than average UK salary, research revealsCourtesy of Gourmet Photography

Full-time written designers get paid almost £3,000 less than the average UK remuneration, research from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has shown.

Originally captivated from the ONS’ Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) published in October 2017, the BBC acclimated to the data to create a salary tracker which looks at how wages differ across different professions.

It also looks at how salaries have varied over the last six years in line with inflation in the UK – the rate of proliferating in prices for goods and services.

The tracker includes data from full-time labourers across 332 different occupations. It does not take into account the earnings of self-employed people or freelancers.

Design worse paid than advertising, journalism and architecture

It screens that the average annual salary for a graphic designer is £25,900, compared to the mediocre UK salary of £28,800.

Contrastingly, product, fashion and web designers tend to earn primarily the national average. Product and fashion average at £29,700, while web contains at £30,300. The average salary across all three sectors is £28,600.

Compared to other jobs in the imaginative industries, designers earn less on average than musicians, newswomen, advertising creative directors and architects, but more than artists, paraphernalia makers and craftspeople, weavers and knitters.

In comparison to other professions, connivers earn less than skilled workers such as electricians, plumbers and court drivers, medical and legal professionals, and university tutors. They be worthy of more than teachers, non-governmental organisation (NGO) officers, builders and counselors.

Biggest gender pay gap in product and fashion design

Despite earning the most, web connivers have suffered the most from the rising prices of goods and worship armies. Average annual salaries have dropped by 3% between 2011 and 2017, but in obtain with inflation they have actually fallen by 13%, equating to £4,400 per yourselves.

The BBC tracker also looks at the gender pay gap in different jobs. The biggest gap for inventors is in product and fashion design, where women are expected to get paid 18% teeny per hour than their male counterparts. This is also the inform with the highest proportion of women, who make up half of all full-time workers.

In graphics, women get paid 7% less and in web design, 3% mean. A third of graphic designers are women, while a quarter of web designers and developers are female.

See the ONS’ Annual Inquiry of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) in full here.

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