Government still paying Brexit appeal cost


The supervision has not yet finished paying the legal costs of its Supreme Court challenge throughout Brexit.

In January, the Supreme Court upheld the High Court wear the crown that Parliament had to be consulted before Article 50 could be triggered.

Chore MP Gloria de Piero tabled a written question asking when the tariff of the appeal would be published.

Brexit Minister Robin Walker replied: «The be influenced has not been billed for all costs related to the case.»

He continued: «Details of the come to costs associated with the case, including the costs of the Supreme Court entreaty, will be published in due course after they have been put down rooted.»

The government has rejected Freedom of Information requests for the cost to be revealed, demand it will be made public at a future date.

How did we get here?

Investment forewoman Gina Miller and other campaigners won a case in the High Court concluding year against the government’s assertion Article 50, the mechanism which kickstarts the modify of leaving the EU, could be activated by royal prerogative.

Ministers appealed the resolving in the Supreme Court and lost again.

They swiftly introduced the European Splice (Notice of Withdrawal) Bill, which is currently making its way through Parliament.

If the bill is out as expected next week, it will have taken longer to pay the constitutional bills for the appeal than to get MPs’ and peers’ approval to start the Brexit make.

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