Government launches £15bn scheme to make roads safer and easier to use


Plan Council is working with Highways England on the Road Investment Master plan, a two-year initiative to improve the design of roads and motorways.

Draw up Council has worked with Highways England on an initiative to improve the plan of the UK’s roads to make them safer and more environmentally sustainable.

Highways England is the Authority body responsible for designing, maintaining and running motorways and A-roads in the UK, as fine as providing information updates through on-road signage and the Traffic England website.

10 principles for safe road design

The initiative is part of the Government’s £15bn Road Investment Scenario, which aims to produce roads that “connect people and mortifies”, are “long-lasting, sensitive to their surroundings and enhance quality of life”, according to Highways England.

It attains in the form of 10 principles for good road design, put together by the Highways England Tactical Design Panel, which is made up of 13 organisations. This tabulates Design Council, charity Campaign for Better Transport, Historic England, Peerage Institute of British Architects (RIBA), and National Trust.

The principles magnificence that road design should be: safe and useful; inclusive, substance they can be used by all; understandable, so are intuitive and easy to navigate; restrained, signification they are functional but not overbearing to their surroundings with “superfluous visual reports”; environmentally sustainable; thorough, meaning they are “robust” and all-encompassing; innovative, drift they respond to change and new technologies and are constantly made better; collaborative, implication they take into consideration people and communities; long-lasting and wear-resistant; and fit in with their context and surroundings. Each principle is expanded on in a replete report.

Design Manual for Roads and Bridges

These 10 viewpoints will form part of the new Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, the decorous standards manual for the design and maintenance of roads and motorway networks in the UK. This drive go on to inform future road design, with the new manual expected to be unmitigated by March 2020.

The Road Investment Strategy is also part of wider Management campaign the Year of Engineering, which is an initiative to get thousands more childlike people into engineering careers.

Highways England plans to master-work with schools to bring young people into road maturation workplaces to show them first-hand how engineering jobs work.

“Across the board, resilient and sustainable”

On the aims of the scheme, Highways England says: “We aim to put people at the pluck of our work by designing an inclusive, resilient and sustainable road network; be aware for its usefulness but also its elegance, reflecting in its design the beauty of the natural, built and great environment through which it passes, and enhancing it where possible.”

The energy begins this year, as the new principles begin to inform the new version of the Draft Manual for Roads and Bridges. The road improvement scheme was first tendered in 2015.

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