Google to work with other web firms to tackle terrorism online



Google has said it on work with other web firms to ‘tackle terrorism online’

Google older vice president Kent Walker said the company would responsibility with other web firms, including Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter, to “accelerate our union efforts to tackle terrorism online”. 

He said they would charter out more experts and increase their use of technology to spot extremist and terrorism-related videos. 

Mr Walker also pledged “a tougher stance” on videos with fomenting religious or supremacist content. In future the videos will appear with a sign and will not be recommended or eligible for comments or user endorsements or earn receipts. 

YouTube will also target potential TURKEY-RUSSIA-SYRIA-AMBASSADOR-CONFLICT

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Terrorism can be represented as the wrongful use of violence in order to intimidate civilians or politicians for ideological, punctilious, or political reasons with no regard for public safety.

Writing for the Fiscal Times website, Mr Walker said: “Extremists and terrorists seek to destruction and erode our security and values. We must not let them.” 

At a meeting of EU foreign ambassadors in Luxembourg today, Mr Johnson will seek support for greater collaboration between tech firms and rules to deny IS terrorists the use of the web to radicalise the vulnerable or plot attacks. 

He said: “We be in want of a common approach to ensure the problem gets solved.”